Feeling far away from the natural wonders of Iceland? You’re about to feel a lot closer.

Welcome to 360° virtual reality, where you can look where you want, when you want, as the video plays in real time. 

After hitting play, either click and drag on the video to take control of its camera (on desktop) or tilt and rotate your phone to explore (in the YouTube app).

This clip showcases Iceland’s famously active Strokkur, a geothermally heated fountain geyser that erupts every 4–8 minutes. But whether you keep your eyes on the geyser, explore the surrounding vistas or watch squealing tourists get soaked by Strokkur’s blast is up to you.

If you happen to have Google Cardboard, or any other device that turns your smartphone into a fully realised virtual reality headset – you’ll experience a whole other level of immersion as the views change with the respective turning of your head.

What do you think, is this the future of travel?

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