Incredible Wildlife Sightings

It is exotic, wild and wonderful to see the scene, such as lion kills. The national park, along with the golden guides, is a tag team sent from the wilderness heavens and the perfect recipe for witnessing extraordinary wildlife moments. Robin Pope Safaris have rounded up the top five recent guest sightings in the South Luangwa.

1) An Attack from the Pride

“A pride of 16 lions killed a fully grown hippo, which is quite an achievement. In the morning they were all taking a few minutes to cool down and catch their breath, but in the afternoon the game drives headed back to where the lions were and there they all were out in the open causing quite an incredible sight.”Incredible Wildlife Sightings

2) Who Let the Dogs Out?

“There has been some really interesting dog movements happening as a pack of 5 dogs were spotted of which 3 of them had collars. We questioned this as usually in a pack it is simply the alpha female and male that are collared. When we spoke to the guys at the Carnivore research programme they helped us clarify the situation and it seems like it was a rendezvous from afar! One dog had come from the Nsefu sector, one dog had come from the Kaingo area and the rest were a bunch of locals! So we wait to see what happens later on in the year and whether they all head back to their respective neighborhoods or they decide to stick around!”

3) Ticking off the Bird List

“Recent Lusaka guests visited Nkwali last week for a spectacular birding weekend, and spotted a total of 124 bird species thanks to the help from Kanga, our knowledgeable encyclopedia of a guide! The purple-crested turaco and the fire-crowned bishop ladies and gents…”

Incredible Wildlife Sightings

4) A Proud Mama Moment

“Game viewing from the Nsefu dining room. Arm-chair viewing at its finest! We were so lucky to watch a baby hippo take its very first steps with its slightly baggy grey/pink skin and wobbly legs, and not to mention all of the nudging and encouragement from mum. The baby hippo and mum made it to the river and there they spent a few days right in front of camp!”

5) Case of the Leaping Leopards

“Although this sighting happened in 2014, it is too comical not to write home about. Guests Walt and Diana visited Nkwali in July and witnessed these two leopard siblings play fighting with each other and got to spend a glorious half hour watching them. It’s safe to say these leaping leopards were the limelight of the day, creating big chatter around the camp!”

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