If you’re looking for a truly amazing experience to add to your itinerary then a bush walk is your best bet. The beauty of a guided bush walk is that you can explore the African wilderness on foot and get up close to the incredible animals. 

Whilst a game drive will provide with you amazing encounters, a bush walk is a truly unique experience. Find out why this exciting activity should make it onto your itinerary.

1. You Can Closely Connect with Nature 
Instead of being confined to a vehicle, you can interact with your surroundings on foot. A bush walk will enable you to enjoy an intimate experience with the wild. You’ll see sightings of fascinating animals right in front of you so you can take in their captivating beauty up close rather than from a distance.

A bush walk will provide you with the opportunity to see, smell and feel things that you might miss when you’re in the back of a vehicle. Safari on foot allows you to truly connect with nature on so many levels.


2. You’re Likely to See More Animals
Due to bush walks being less intrusive to the wildlife and environment, you have a far better chance of seeing more. Why? Well, a vehicle’s engine can scare animals away before you even arrive whereas if you’re on foot you will cause minimal disruption to animals. 

Just remember to keep your voice down; you don’t want to miss out on spotting a leopard because you were nattering loudly!


3. You can Enjoy the Finer Details 
Exploring the African bush on foot will allow you to take in things that you’ll probably overlook whilst in the back of a vehicle. A bush walk allows you to slowly absorb all the surrounding sounds, smells and sights that you could easily drive straight passed. 

A walk through the African bush will grant you the opportunity to discover every tiny detail, including plants, bird calls and insects, as well as travel though some spectacular landscapes.

Birds_Bush_ Walk
4. You Can Learn a New Skill
In addition to encountering wild animals on foot, you can also learn a new skill: tracking. Your guide will be able to teach you how to read tracks in the sand in order to successfully follow animals on your walk. 

This fascinating skill will further enhance your wildlife experience in the bush; your chances of spotting wild giraffe, hippos and wild elephant are much higher if you can identify tracks.


5. Your Experiences Will Not be Limited
A bush walk will enable you to explore places that may be out of bounds for vehicles. This means you won’t miss out on once in a lifetime opportunities to interact with bush animals in their natural environment. When on foot, your experience in the bush will be the best it possibly can be.
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