One of the best reasons to stay in a villa is that you’ll have privacy. Villas are mostly properties that have their own private land and space and are located to take advantage of the best views. For a couple looking to get away from crowds this is the ideal solution as you’ll get to retreat into your own personal space after enjoying the day out sightseeing or enjoying activities. Safari villas also include a private vehicle further allowing for privacy while out game viewing.

The feeling of ‘home away from home’

The comfort of having your own private space will give you the feeling of having a home away from home. This is ideal for couples who are travelling with their children and would like to keep routines as normal or for those who simply like to feel at ease in different surroundings. In addition, villas tend to feel more like a vacation home which leaves room for longer stays. This is especially convenient for cities or locations where there is lots to see and explore.

Location, location, location

Possibly one of the best reasons to choose a villa over hotel accommodation is that villas will almost always have the best location available. The architectural design of a villa is one that maximizes on the beauty of the landscape and incorporates it into the overall aesthetic of the property and location. From bathrooms and bedrooms opening right onto the pool deck or beach, to views of the natural surroundings and highlights – you won’t beat the vistas from a villa.


Villas come with their own staff – from a personal butler and chef to a private game drive vehicle complete with tracker and ranger. The additional service ensures your day follows your own pace with exclusive personal menu’s, activities and excursions tailored to your wishes.

Flexible schedule

Having your own space means you’re able to plan your day to your own pace. When staying at a safari lodge activities are planned in group segments so everyone is on game drive or at dinner at allotted times. With a flexible schedule the villa guest can choose to spend all day out on game drive with a picnic basket and wine cooler or sleep in and explore the wilderness at their own pace.


A major advantage of a villa is that it comes with a number of amenities that are exclusive to the villa guests. Private pools, or a private plot of beachfront are very common amenities, as well as high-tech televisions and other niceties like iPod speakers, media rooms, pool tables, game consoles and Wi-Fi. A private wine cellar can also be included in select villas.

Meals and food

Most villas will include the option of a private chef who will prepare the meals to your specifications and liking. Other items like snacks, teas and picnics can also easily be arranged along with your choice of wines, whiskey or other beverage choices. Cocktails and sundowners can also be arranged with the chef if desired.

With privacy, your own pace and the ability to choose your menu’s and activities, there is no better stay than at a private villa. Whether you choose a breezy beach location or wilderness safari stay – your African experience is sure to be an unforgettable one.

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