When I got on the bus last night the bus driver recognized me from the day before .With little English he made the point that I had gotten on at Changdeokgung Palace…which was true .He then asked “discount?” Not exactly sure what he meant ,I had to think about that …and realized that he remembered me from the day before and there is a discount if you buy a 2 day ticket ($5)so I said yes I had gone to the ticket office with his ticket and explained I hadn’t known of the 2 day ticket and they did give me a second ticket for a discount.He was pleased that this had happened .

At the next stop he typed something into his Iphone (?) and showed me the translation on the screen “where had I gone yesterday” this was followed by “today”

It was a good experience played out through the drive including stops and starts .It really was bringing my Seoul touring full circle .Before my stop he typed and translated the following..

“Please care for yourself to keep safe and return”

Pretty neat eh …

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