Lookin Cool IFor the weekend, I visited the ancient city of Ping Yao with five other people. Ping Yao is a city enclosed by a city wall. It is use to be the center of all financial transaction. The city wall that surrounds the city protected the city from intruders and enemies that wanted to rob the city of its wealth. All of the ancient architecture is still perserved so you are able to see how the Chinese in the ancient days lived. A lot of the Kung Fu movies are filmed here. Ping Yao is a 5 hours train ride from Beijing.

From Ping Yao, went travelled to Taiyuan which is the city next to Ping Yao. Taiyuan is famous for its twin Pagodas. These Pagodas are identical and stand 55 meters. We were actually able to climb all the way to the top.

The people I went with is all international. There was Ole(German), Ellysa(Indonesian), Scorpi(Indonesian), Jason(Korean), Jenny(American).

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