DelhiOkay, so…India. It is exactly the kind of shock that everyone says it is:

crowded (imagine Oxford Street at Christmas on every single road from about 6am-2am. Add to this flies, cows, dogs, rubbish tips in every gutter, cycle rickshaws, auto rickshaws, motorbikes, cars, constant horns and a stench and you have a pretty good picture)

polluted (I currently have a cold, mild asthma, constantly dirty feet and for those of you that have ever blown your nose after getting off the tube, that is nothing compared to what you see when you sneeze after getting out of a 10 minute rickshaw ride)

poverty stricken (rickshaw drivers spend their night sleeping in the back seat, hundreds of people are on the side of the road at night under blankets, and whole families live under plastic sheets strung up on the side of every street. After seeing that it’s not really surprising that they associate any Westerner with money)

But despite this India is also friendly, prosperous and incredibly beautiful and I’ve been having a great time over the past week. And not just because they do McDelivery here 😀

Delhi was my first destination and has definitely been the busiest of everywhere I’ve seen, but we managed to navigate our way around without any mishaps. This is where I also got acquainted with the animals of India – monkeys running through the streets, rats scarpering around the waiting room at the train station (which no one else seemed to mind, by the way – Indians were letting them run round their legs as if they were a pet cat) and after a few hours asleep on my first overnight train a small cockroach ran across my bed, so I promptly leapt up to the top bunk!

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