Michael SkillenThings have been moving very slow with our school project in Uganda, as earlier in the year the original site that had been given to us by Jim and Freda Bloomer had became flooded due to heavy rains, the cost of preventing this from happening again would have eaten well into our budget so Michael Skillen and I went to Uganda at the end of July to meet with Ministry of Education officials (M.O.E.) and to look for a new site. We looked at 3 different sites and had decided on a 3 acre site behind the original site but on higher ground, we agreed a price of £3000 for 3.5 acres with the owners but when we got home we got the bad news that the owner had decided to sale to someone else. But we’ve recieved good news from Iganga today 24th October 2007 the Ministry of Education has given us free of charge a 10 acre site on the main Iganga Mbale Highway. They have agreed to supply and fund teaching staff at the new school, so £12,000 pounds is on its way to prepare the site for construction and put the foundations in for the Administration block. Hotel at Jinja

The proposed plan for school.

1. M.O.E. Recommended Standard Administration Block

2. M.O.E. 4 Standard Classrooms (they are supposed to take 60 children)

3. M.O.E. Standard Laboratory Block

4. Adequate Toilet Facilities for both staff and students

Some good news from Iganga is that Michael and I have set up the Uganda Orphans Fund with Ulster Bank Connswater to sent 80 orphans from Maranantha Hiv and Aids Orphanage to school and we would like to thank all of or friends for making this posible, some have paid the £120 in full others have taken out direct debits over 12 months, once again we would like to say a big thankyou to you all.

Some pictures of the orphans who have been sponsored by our friends.

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