Over the last few years in Bangkok, cycling has become very popular outdoor activity among both Thais and expats. Often at the weekend you will see cyclists leaving the city searching for greener pastures. Even in traffic congested Bangkok, cyclists rule as they can easily take back streets to avoid both the traffic and pollution. More and more events are being organized for enthusiasts which include free tours and even free magazines. This weekend sees the first “Bangkok Bike Expo 2013” which is taking place in the Exhibition Hall 4 at Muang Thong Thani.


At the event you can browse bicycles and accessories from leading brands at 200 booths around the exhibition hall. There is even a dedicated bike lane around the event as well as ample parking right in the middle of the hall. In addition there are regular bike stunt shows during the day. If you are attending, look out for the free bilingual bike magazine called Bicycles Unlimited. You can pick these up at bicycle shops or for a small amount of money have it sent to your home. At the same booth is the famous duo Paul Hamon and Natt Hamon who have recently just cycled through every province in Thailand.


One of the sponsors of the event is the Tourism Authority of Thailand who have released maps and plans for bicycle routes throughout Thailand. Unfortunately this is only in Thai. I will be doing a review later on my personal blog Although I think that events like this are a good idea for cycling enthusiasts to go and support, please don’t go there and expect too much. According to one exhibitor that I talked to, the size of the event has been cut down by 50%. They do fill the big exhibition hall, but much of the space is taken up with indoor parking and a stunt course. But, hopefully if they do get the support and interest that future shows will be bigger and better than ever.



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