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Batticaloa GateBatticaloa!

Riding through the countryside approaching Batticaloa was like the approach to Jaffna. Destroyed buildings all along the way. Who was there when that roof collapsed? Did the people at this farm get out alive? Though the war officially ended in 2009, there are reminders of it everywhere. As with the tsunami, the people of “Batti” took a very big hit.

And as everywhere else in Sri Lanka, building is going on apace.

I was very keen to get to Batticaloa because of knowing several people in Australia who came from there. I hope you enjoy seeing these updated pictures!

One interesting feature of Batticaloa was the Muslim market area and also the fishermen selling their wares from the ground along a bridge. The Hindus and Christians were also very evident. It’s definitely a multi-ethnic area.

We met an interesting man at the YMCA who runs a school for the deaf and is very committed to increasing the care and education children get who live in the rural areas.

Actually, we have met so many committed, caring and friendly Sri Lankans, it has made our journey very reaffirming.

We had planned to head north Ghandi Waterside Parkup the east coast to Trincomolee, but when we heard about “The Gathering” of wild elephants at Minneriya National Park to the west near Habarana, we made a sudden change of plans. Stay tuned for the elephant safari!!

Note: There are two pages of photos for Batticaloa, so please click on the 2 at the bottom of the first page to go on to see the rest of them.

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