Bert Kreischer, Host of ‘Trip Flip’ and ‘Bert the Conqueror’

Gabriela Herman

Bert Kreischer is a comedian, author and — since his college days — a master in the art of fun. For the past 15 years, he has been entertaining audiences throughout the world as he journeys from city to city with his unique brand of comedy. Bert found his way to Travel Channel in 2009 and stands among the network’s most popular hosts. He is currently the host of the Travel Channel series Trip Flip, which features Bert as he takes 2 people on a spontaneous, surprise adventure.

When Bert is not passionately discovering local adventures, traditions and thrills for Travel Channel, viewers can find him touring comedy clubs and colleges throughout the US. Before becoming Travel Channel’s adventure-seeker on his first series for the network, Bert the Conqueror, he began his career at the Boston Comedy Club. His hilarious storytelling grabbed the attention of Hollywood A-lister Will Smith, who signed him to a television development deal. He has co-hosted FX’s The X Show and made his acting debut starring in the CBS/20th Century Fox pilot Life With David J, co-starring Elliott Gould.

Most recently, Bert wrote the book Life of the Party: Stories of a Perpetual Man-Child (St. Martin’s Press). In this guidebook on how not to grow up, Bert shares some of his most outrageous stories and more.


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