Homestays can be found in every corner of Thailand from farming communities in Isaan to fishing villages along the coastline. Today I visited the Boathouse Laemsing Homestay in Laemsing district of Chantaburi Province. Many of the homes in this group are on the coast.


Prices for this Homestay vary from 800 Baht to 1,500 Baht per person per night. This may seem expensive at first glance but it includes three seafood meals and activities that include a boat trip.


For people who just want to relax on the seafront without included meals and activities can stay in rooms with fans for only 250 Baht per person per night or 400 Baht for rooms with air-conditioning.


The majority of visitors are Thai families but some Russian tourists have made it here from Pattaya. They have some more pictures and information on their website www.laemsing.in.th or you can call 08-6666 5423.


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