Up early and piled into an extraordinarily ugly 1970s vehicular monster from the US. Its like every ugly car the americans didn~t want has been shipped to Venezuela. Theyre rusty, unroadworthy, youre lucky if the door handles work, let alone the windows but theyre great fun and you get to go *death driving* with the locals and that is worth the effort.

Taxied from Santa Fe to Camana, which is a major port that the colonists and locals fought over.
Huge castle situated on hill, with astoundly good views and a teeny little cell, for one of the captive generals. They had an earthquake in 1929? and lost a lot of the architecture but we stayed at Bubolina in the old part of town and the streets were piccie perfect (and yes all the photos will be up in 2 weeks!).

Cathedral of St Ines was at the top of our street and they had great markets along the river.
We found another super-chicken restaurant 🙂 and then attended a free concert at the Museum. They only played four pieces but the music was fascinating. The tempo and beats changed constantly and even the slower pieces were amazing. It was held in the room, that housed all the portaits of Sucre and his imitation swords.

Short history lesson…. Simon Bolivar had a dream of uniting 5 SA countries and is considered a liberator of the country and Sucre was his right-hand man. When Bolivar died, Sucre took over but was assassinated while travelling to see his girly…. could be a true story but with the fabulous story-telling you never know.
So everything is named Bolivar or Sucre!

Headed out afterwards with Daniel to a *Tasca*, no Aussie pub style grooving at the bar here!! You grab a table with your friends and if you want to meet other people you ask them to dance. Eeeeeek!!!! Need to practice my swivel hips some more 🙂
And karaoke is big (oh help!!!!!). Karaoke in Spanish is just as bad but most people can sing reasonably well. Daniel travels with a guitar and is always crooning, so it was fun but I piked early, not enough energy and my spanish isn~t quite up to making new friends.

Oh…. and they wolf whistle and hiss. Ssssssssss!! Oh yeah, that gets me hot!!! NOT!!!!

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