Streets Ahead Children’s Centre Association (SACCA) – Eastern Province, Rwanda (Project No. 2)

In 1994, in just under 100 days, nearly 1 million people were brutally murdered, often by family, friends and neighbours. Many years on and the sad legacy of the genocide remains. · 64%!o(MISSING)f the population live on less than 1$ a day · 3.8%!o(MISSING)f Rwandans have a secondary school education · 48%!h(MISSING)ave access to clean […]

“What do you mean, you dont have the key???” OR “You swear there are no crocs in here??” OR “AAAAHHHHH IM GONNA DIE!!!!!!”

Death comes to us all. He comes to me daily. It appears that the more I travel, the more I realize that, despite the fact that I have read extensive amounts of books and articles about Rwanda, have seen more pictures than you could shake ten sticks at, and have studied many maps, I know […]