Towadako Report

2011/10/27 – Towadako Report by schauwecker Lake Towada This year’s last autumn color report from the Tohoku Region comes from Lake Towada and Oirase Stream, a picturesque stream that flows out of the lake and down a densely forested valley. Lake Towada is a crater lake whose shores remain undeveloped with the exception of Yasumiya, […]

Hachimantai Report

2012/10/11 – Hachimantai Report by scott Hachimantai Today Schauwecker and I continued our Tohoku Region reporting with a visit to the Hachimantai area of Towada-Hachimantai National Park. We arrived in Morioka by train and rented a car for the one hour drive to the mountain. The weather forecast for the area was not very optimistic, […]

Hakkodasan Report

2013/10/12 – Hakkodasan Report by scott Hiking down Mount Hakkodasan For this year’s first autumn color (koyo) report from the Tohoku Region, we visited Mount Hakkodasan (���b�c�R, Hakkōdasan) in Aomori Prefecture. At 1585 meters high, Mount Hakkodasan is one of the first places to see koyo in Tohoku. The colors typically start to show in […]