La Gruta

This curious sight is perhaps La Esperanza’s most notable building: a small cave now converted into a chapel, complete with a cute facade built into the cliffside. It’s easy to spot from all over the town – just follow the pedestrianized street from Parque Central and walk up the stairs. SOURCE:

Iguana Research & Breeding Station

Up the hill from the town center, this great place studies and protects the highly endangered Utila iguana (Ctenosaura bakeri), which is known locally as ‘the swamper.’ Visitors get to see plenty of these fascinating, spiny-tailed critters. Four excellent naturalist-themed tours of the island (to bat caves and beyond) are offered; there are volunteer opportunities […]

Fortaleza Santa Bárbara de Trujillo

High above the waves, gazing over the Caribbean toward the European motherland, this 17th-century Spanish fortress could not have a more evocative position. Though its ruined remains are not that impressive visually, it’s still an inspirational spot to reflect on the forces and characters that shaped the history of the American continent. Fifteen cannons face […]