20 great beaches in France

Thanks to its three long stretches of coastline, France has plenty of great beaches. From upmarket resorts to the secluded calanques (coves) and beaches steeped with historical significance, there are a variety of opportunities for fans of the sand. Our selection of 20 top beaches was taken from the latest Rough Guide to France. Barneville, Barneville-Carteret, […]

Travelling with children – a cautionary tale

As part of our travel with children week, Ross McGovern recounts one particularly fraught journey with kids in tow. Travelling with children is hard enough at the best of times, but my trip to the ecumenical community of Taize in France with a four-year-old was particularly ill-planned. I’d seriously underestimated her capacity for road travel […]

The most overrated places in the world – as voted by you

We asked our readers to choose the most overrated places in the world, and the responses encompassed everywhere from Skegness to Sydney. Below are the places you voted into the top ten. 10 – Bali Bali might be renowned as one of Indonesia‘s most beautiful and popular destinations, but it was summed up by @Reevole as “terrible, expensive, polluted, full of hassle, […]