7 reasons why Cologne could be Germany’s coolest city

If you’re looking for a city with fairytale architecture and gas-lit cobbled alleyways, you should probably stop reading now. Book a flight to Prague or Paris and be done with it. For Cologne (or Köln), is at first glance underwhelming in its postwar geometricity, with more busy roads than pedestrianised ones and only one blockbuster sight […]

10 of the world’s more unusual restaurants

1. s’ Baggers, Nuremburg, Germany Making slow service and difficult waiters a thing of the past, this fully-automated restaurant in Nuremberg boasts hassle-free dining and fast, highly efficient service (well this is Germany). Food is ordered by touchscreen and dishes whizz straight from the kitchen via a system of metal rails that loop across the […]

The best places to visit in 2014 – as voted by you

The top countries 1. Chile A thin sliver of land on the western edge of the South American continent, Chile offers a wealth of landscapes to explore. This country stretches across the Andes mountain range, to the Atacama Desert, and boasts 4000km of Pacific Ocean coastline. Caro Bohets says on Facebook that the colourful houses of Valparaíso […]