Katuaq Cultural Centre

The spacious Katuaq Cultural Centre is by far Nuuk’s finest piece of modern architecture, a sinuous wooden wave edged in glass. It houses the Greenland Art School, the NAPA Nordic Institute and a reading library as well as hosting exhibitions, conferences, concerts, a cinema and Nuuk’s best café. $129Learn more SOURCE:https://www.lonelyplanet.com/greenland/nuuk/attractions/katuaq-cultural-centre/a/poi-sig/1124909/359517

Upernavik Old Town Museum

The entire historical district of Upernavik is basically an outdoor museum. The museum itself, Greenland’s oldest, is a real surprise. Most interesting is the original qajaq ensemble complete with harpoon, throwing stick, bird skewer, knife, seal-stomach float (to prevent seals diving or sinking after being hit) and a line made of leather thong. SOURCE:https://www.lonelyplanet.com/greenland/upernavik/attractions/upernavik-old-town-museum/a/poi-sig/1025440/1003479