The lush urban idyll of the Vondelpark is one of Amsterdam’s most magical places – sprawling, English-style gardens, with ponds, lawns, footbridges and winding footpaths. On a sunny day, an open-air party atmosphere ensues when tourists, lovers, cyclists, in-line skaters, pram-pushing parents, cartwheeling children, football-kicking teenagers, spliff-sharing friends and champagne-swilling picnickers all come out to […]

Rijksmuseum van Oudheden

This museum has a world-class collection of Greek, Roman and Egyptian artefacts, the pride of which is the extraordinary Temple of Taffeh, a gift from former Egyptian president Anwar Sadat to the Netherlands for helping to save ancient Egyptian monuments from flood. $319Learn more Note: the Egyptian collection is closed until October 2016. SOURCE:https://www.lonelyplanet.com/the-netherlands/leiden/attractions/rijksmuseum-van-oudheden/a/poi-sig/462072/360851

Rijksmuseum Volkenkunde

Cultural achievements by civilisations worldwide are on show at the Museum Volkenkunde. More than 200,000 artefacts span China, South America and Africa, much like Amsterdam’s Tropenmuseum. There’s a rich Indonesian collection; watch for performances by the museum’s gamelan troupe. $319Learn more SOURCE:https://www.lonelyplanet.com/the-netherlands/leiden/attractions/rijksmuseum-volkenkunde/a/poi-sig/1097669/360851