20 great beaches in France

Thanks to its three long stretches of coastline, France has plenty of great beaches. From upmarket resorts to the secluded calanques (coves) and beaches steeped with historical significance, there are a variety of opportunities for fans of the sand. Our selection of 20 top beaches was taken from the latest Rough Guide to France. Barneville, Barneville-Carteret, […]

Travel to United Kingdom

Flying to United Kingdom British Airways (www.ba.com) flies direct to the UK from destinations around the world including New York, Zurich, Johannesburg and Hong Kong. Other airlines flying to the UK include Virgin Atlantic (www.virgin-atlantic.com), whose direct routes include flights from New York and Dubai. Low-cost carriers flying to British airports include easyJet (www.easyjet.com), Flybe (www.flybe.com) and Ryanair […]

United Kingdom: Doing business & staying in touch

Doing business in United Kingdom Business in London is intense and fast paced. Extended business lunches and post-work drinks were regarded as part of the modern working environment until relatively recently. Nowadays, the emphasis is increasingly on hard work and long hours. British businesspeople are unlikely to be overtly demonstrative – hand gestures and the […]

Getting around United Kingdom

Air:  British Airways (www.ba.com) operates a shuttle service from London to Edinburgh, Glasgow, Manchester and Newcastle among other cities. Other domestic operators include Flybe (www.flybe.com), easyJet (www.easyjet.com) and Ryanair (www.ryanair.com). Flight times:  Most domestic flights take between 1 hour and 1 hour 30 minutes. Road:  Distances are measured in miles. There are trunk roads (‘A’ roads) […]

United Kingdom Food and Drink

Iconic cakes, splendid sandwiches and heart-warming stews all hail from the United Kingdom. Don’t miss tea and cake or, for a fancy occasion, try the full-blown afternoon tea, with three-tiered plates of sandwiches, cakes and scones. Another fine UK institution is breakfast, and although there are plenty of coffee shops selling US-style muffins and bagels, […]