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5 Things You Don’t Know About… Standing Rock

It seems that Budget Travel has always considered Native American history and culture, and the travel destinations that reflect them, to be a vital part of our mission. From the Smithsonian’s National Museum of the American Indian to the Little Bighorn, from the spectacular Southwestern parks located on Navajo land to the Crazy Horse monument […]

B&B Bargains for Fall (From $99)

B&B Bargains for Fall (From $99)

Our friends at know how to celebrate B&B month (a.k.a. October) with spectacular deals across the U.S.. We’re seeing B&Bs to suit every traveler’s taste, and the best part is that each of these eight standouts is well under $200/night (one even starts at $99). Katrina’s Cabin, Fredericksburg, Texas A historic cabin in the […]

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Solo and single in the most romantic place in the world

Do you think that it is  glossy and polished to travel  today? Well, I suppose it’s always been like that. Everywhere I look online, travel seem perfect and sparkly, like a clean car. But let’s be honest here, how many times are our cars actually that shiny and clean? If you’re like me, never. It’s the […]

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Deal of the Day: Relaxing Old-World Luxury in Quaint Bucks County, PA, from $149

As you might guess by the name, Peddler’s Village is one of those too-quaint-to-believe throwback towns that make you forget about Facebook, self-driving cars, and fiber optics. The old Quaker spirit is alive and well in this Bucks County, Pennsylvania destination with about 65 boutiques, fantastic restaurants that make the most of the abundant local […]

Flying in Business Class Has Gotten Way Cheaper

On certain competitive international routes anyway. Your dreams of sitting smugly and glamorously up at the front of the plane may finally be within reach. Flight prices for plush, business-class seats have been much cheaper this year on several popular international routes. Using data from the travel search site, Quartz pointed out that the median airfare for […]

Why Dogs Understand What We Say But Still Don’t Get FaceTime

“Realistic size matters.” Dogs can understand what humans say and how we say it, a groundbreaking new study has found. But while man’s best friend is smarter than most animals, dogs are still not that technologically savvy. Scientists who studied brain activity in some dogs say canines can distinguish words and the intonation of human speech the […]

Delta Pilots Are Using a New App to Help Them Spot and Avoid Turbulence

It’s also helping the airline to save on fuel costs. Delta has made a big step forward in improving its technology with a new turbulence tracker that is helping to reduce its carbon footprint and give customers a smoother ride. In a blog post, Delta Air Lines revealed the success of its new rough air […]

China’s Richest Man Has a New $9 Billion Plan to Crush Disney

Wang Jianlin is China’s richest man and he’s intent on beating Walt Disney at its own game. The billionaire chairman of Dalian Wanda Group has signed a deal with the local government officials to build a $9.5 billion tourism and sports complex, complete with hotels and a theme park, in the eastern China city of Jinan, Dalian Wanda announced on Friday. […]

What Life Was Like for Crew Members of the Year-long Mars Simulation

NASA’s longest Earth-based Mars simulation will be complete this Sunday. Run by the University of Hawaii, the Hawaii Space Exploration Analog and Simulation—or HI-SEAS—will have lasted for one year, making it the second-longest project of its kind (after a 520-day mission that was conducted in Russia). For the last year, the six crew members in […]