Got the bus to the train station and had dim sum with Goo-poh in a nearby restaurant. Took the early afternoon train to Dongguan, China, about an hour’s ride. Felicia’s Dat-suk (dad’s youngest brother) met us at the station and we got a taxi back to his house. He later told Felicia that he wouldn’t have recognized her, since it had been over 5 years since the last visit. Luckily, Goo-poh told Dat-suk to look for the tall guailo (white guy, or literally, “ghost guy”). Over the years Felicia’s dad had already got the family used to foreigners because he would bring his kung-fu students to visit. The taxi driver was behind a cage surrounding the driver’s area….All the aunts and uncles and most of the cousins came over. We all went to dinner at a restaurant in town. The small town they live in is called Towtong. When we walked into the restaurant there was a noticeable turning of heads and lowering of volume because of Todd’s presence. Not very many foreigners visit Towtong. We were led into a smaller dining area to have dinner as a family. All of Felicia’s aunts and uncles and most of her cousins were there…about 17 people at every meal. Of course everyone was clamoring to get a fork for Todd, but alas…Todd wowed everyone with his chopstick skills…everyone was very impressed. To say the least, he was in the family’s good graces after that. After dinner we all went back to Dat-suk’s to visit.

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