Canada to China: Are we really that different?

Are we really that different? Well, besides the obvious differences in skin color, facial structure, size, and sometimes hygiene; yes, we are still very different. Now for those of you reading at home, I am not racially abusing either culture or attempting glorify one over the other. However, there are differences such as manners, food, and air quality to name a few.

Now being an ignorant white guy from Alberta this was the first thing I noticed. Rarely someone said please, no one said thank you and never ever did you tip for food. They cut lines and bump into each other, always rushing to some far reach of the city, chain smoking cigarettes, leaving butts in their wake. A learning curve and more depth in understanding was necessary, which approved that behavior as regular. Which in turn made that behavior acceptable, “it is just the culture”.

The food in China is spicy, delicious and greasy. If you like rice this is the place you want to be. Dill pickle, peppers, everything dripping with flavor. Quite possibly the most amazing thing ones mouth will ever taste, not including AAA beef or a home cooked meal.

The air: what can be said that has not already been said. It’s smelly, its sticky and it leaves black residue in your lungs. Quite possibly why everyone smokes in Asia, because the possibility of lung cancer is already so high.

In conclusion, China is an amazing experience but it takes some getting used too. Many things are different but to name a few: The manners, food and air, really stick out. However, once you learn to love this change, it feels just like home.

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