The great adventure started cold and wet. Last minute on Friday evening the landrover was finally repaired. Packing in the rain on Saturday and starting the next morning in th rain was only the beginning. The next three days the coldfront was on our heels and we could not escape the cold even as far as Ganzi in Botswana, where we are now. Khalagadi was as ever a wondergful experience and a great entry to Botswana. We saw our first Cheeta hunting in the wild. On the open plain we watched this most elegant cat in good view. We also saw, very brief though two honeybadgers and of course bucks of all sorts and sizes. The lions, as usual eluded us, they seem to only show up when our friends visit the same area ;o( maybe next time.
Meanwhile we passed through Hukunzi on a tarred !! road (for those of you who know the area all too well) and headed streight to Ganzi, where we are now. If the weather does not improve tomorrow we will proceed directly to the Caprivi strip (Namibia),

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