Spent 6 hours on a bus from Caracas to Puerto La Cruz. 2 hours of it, with my Spanish dictionary and the spare driver attempting to have a conversation.
Road rules are brilliant, nobody~s travelling fast enough to have accidents. Most of the bus fell asleep the moment we left caracas and all of the curtains were closed for security reasons.
They moved me up the front so I could open the curtains and take piccies once we were in the country. Amazing homes lining the roads. POwer lines are held up by tree branches with forks.
The land is state property, so if it~s not being used you can build anywhere. People would jump off the bus in the middle of fields, car parks…. couldn~t see houses anywhere.
Remember to try the chicken in Ven. The pollo is exceptional. This is not a vegetarian friendly country unless you like the fried banana (plantan).

Happy snapped all the way, then snoozed a bit. Sighted the massive Polar (beer) factory and enjoyed the overtaking of 5 lorries into oncoming traffic, with scooters and bicycles zipping along everywhere in manic fashion.

Arrived Puerto La Cruz late. Incredible scenery, past the oil / gas?? refinery, lit up with amazing lights, looked like a fairytale. The moon was close to full, deep golden with grey clouds across it.

Arrived at the Puerto La Cruz bus station and found it was too late for a taxi to Sante Fe.
Attempted to call my group but got the answering machine… found a 23 year old policeman who offered me accomodation overnight(naturally!) or for his friends to drop me off for US$100. As if!!!!! Never get in a police car, you~re safer on the street.

Eventually found a bus that would take me to Sante Fe for 5000Bs (AUS$3.5) and some German tourists sat next to me, knew where the Sierra Inn was and walked me down with all my bags to meet the fab new friends, who were all sitting on the beach drinking beeries and wondering where I was.

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