My fiance told me a really interesting story last night of his grandfather. I asked him why his grandfather didn’t seem to enjoy talking too much and he told me that his grandfather was an extremely smart man who really enjoyed to read, talk about politics and culture. He said that his father used to work for the government but during the cultural revolution he decided not to work (as his job during that time was to beat down and hurt all those who had cultural jobs). I told him that his family should be really proud of him for sticking to his opinion and doing what he thought was right (and what I would have done too). But he said that instead his family had always been upset with his grandfather for not continuing to work and making the money that would have allowed them to live somewhere besides the countryside now. His family really puts his grandfather down for what he did and therefore he now gambles a lot playing cards with policemen, not such a good thing to do. I think Iwould be proud of his grandfather.

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