My transportation todayWell, today is my only solo day. I ventured out and road on this vehicle – similar to one I rode on in India. It reminded me of when I was in NYC with Gin, Ken and kids and we road on the roads with the bicycle riders. I had to hold on for dear life or I would have been thrown out. It also is not good to be rear-ended in one of these if you are the passenger – it’s good bye life!

I went to see the Jade Buddha Temple – very interesting and it reminded me of a temple I went to in Singapore. I don’t like the smell of the incense but the temple is very rich in history and culture. I could not go in one hall because they were preparing for a funeral and sightseers were not welcome. Some photos attached.

The sign with the happy Buddha said: “All being full of joy – The large belly is large enough to contain what others cannot stand. The broad smile means nothing but to laugh at the desire for fame and fortune.”

Tonight I am out Happy buddhaon a river cruise and a late night stroll in the Bund.

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