P5274752Hey Everyone,

We woke up this morning in the peninsular just off Tairua at the overnight parking site we had stayed at. We had breakfast in the camper then headed along the SH25 towards Auckland. We had looked at ‘camper mate’ app to see if there were any free places to park in or near Auckland but there was nothing. So we drove to Pukekohe, which is about an hour drive south of Auckland.

We parked up about 11.30am, as it is winter season now, there was no one parked up there so we didn’t have to worry about the limited parking available for campers.

We had lunch when we arrived, using up what we have in the fridge. As we only have 3 days left with the camper we need to start using up the left over food we have, so for lunch we had cheese, brown sauce and crisp sandwiches… surprisingly nice!! We then walked into the main town of Pukekohe where there is a library to get free Wi-Fi and to charge up our devices. We have definitely seen a lot of libraries whilst in NZ.

We found online that there is a swimming pool near by that is only $2.50 for a swim and a shower (the shower is most definitely needed). We have a shower but haven’t used it yet as we’d come out feeling dirtier using the shower above the tiny, stinky porta-loo wet room. Yuk.

At the library we also checked our bank balance; after paying for the Trek America which the due date for that is next week we will be officially at our estimated budget for the year L Still with 3 months remaining! I want to pay the Trek America to get it out the way, but I’ve decided to wait until we safely give back the camper. We won’t be able to afford America if we have to pay any crash damage to the camper… fingers crossed…3 days left. We are also starting to look at South America now, starting to plan the week before we join the organized STA travel tour for the Inca Trail. We need to arrive in Cusco at least 2 days before the tour starts to acclimatize ourselves to the altitude, and we want to spend a few days in Lima and to also travel down to the Nazca lines. I also read up on the ‘safe.travel.org’ for the latest scams in Peru and other countries we hope to visit there.

Once we left the library Neil made tea, which was left over vegetable pasta sauce-Kent style. And we watched the second twilight film. Although he wants to educate me on the classic, last night we watched The Shawshank Redemption, which was actually really good.

Good night

V&N xx

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