IMG_3984Hey Family and Friends,

Today is a happy-sad day. Happy as we are moving on to Fiji and sad as we are giving up our home for the last 33 days L.

We didn’t have to hand over the campervan until early afternoon so we went for a walk in the morning and again went to the library to make sure everything was booked up, charged and we had everything ready for Fiji. We also thoroughly cleaned the camper wiping all the sides down and throwing all the rubbish away!!

We didn’t want to pay a fortune in the airport for crappy food so we went back to the organic café for lunch, once again it was amazing, Vick had a caramelized onion quiche and I had a vegetable and blue cheese frittata.

We got back to the camper to finish our packing before driving back to Auckland. On the way to the airport to drop off the camper we fueled up with our AA fuel card, we had accumulated 78 cents off a litre so to fill her up was only $28 a bargain!!! We also emptied out IMG_3985the waste tank and toilet waste and cleaned it all out and then cleaned the van windscreen and back.

After finally finding the Britz site we handed over the campervan with no problems. Once showing the Britz lady all the faults we had to put up with (water gauge faulty, missing wine glass, chips in wind screen, grey water pooling in shower room etc) she gave us $150 off the diesel fuel tax, which was very unexpected!! Soon enough we were in the airport after getting the free transfer bus from Britz.

We checked in and even got put on the emergency isle seat with extra legroom (very nice bonus). Vick and I walked around all the shops and bought ourselves a bottle of rum each for Fiji. In what seemed like no time we headed to the gate to board. The flight had been delayed 20 mins and once at the gate we had to wait another 40 mins until finally we were boarded and away.

We were sat next to a pilot who was flying into Fiji to pick up a plane, he was Fijian and told us a IMG_3987few things. The food was really nice and we got free beer and wine, which is always good-let the holiday begin!!

The flight took 2 hours 20 mins, and after waiting an hour for the bags to come off the plane we cleared customs and found our free pick up to our hostel ‘the bamboo backpacker resort’.

The hostel was nice, clean and best of all had cheap Fijian beer!!! For only £5 a night each for a dorm, free airport pick-up and the most competitive island boat transfer around- that left from outside the hostel it was a win-win! We checked in, dumped our bags off in the dorm then got a beer, got on the Wi-Fi and gave everyone a call back home. We were both shattered after a long day so we headed to bed about 1am-late for us!

During the night I had a little white cat climb into bed with me and would not leave me alone; he even brought me a McDonalds burger wrapper with gherkins lol!!!

Love N&V X

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