P1050657We woke up today ready for a chilled out, relaxing day to re-coup after our last full on days trekking! I actually was surprised how un-sore I was except my calves and knees! I must be getting fitter – yus! But we were both knackered. Thankfully our hotel – Hotel Sol Inka was really quiet and had fantastic showers so at least we were now clean! Unfortunately our room was on the 3rd floor which required climbing up a lot of stairs to get there. You should have seen us after each flight! So out of breath and buggered! Get us out of altitude! We very slowly fell down the stairs to breakfast which was literally in an ice box! We were freeeezing! It wasnt the greatest breakie. A yoghurt drink, some honeydew melon and scrambled eggs. But ah well filled the hole and was free.

After breakie I climbed back into bed for an hour or so and started working on our pics and ben decided to do a big re-pack. I eventually got up out out of bed and into our lovely hot shower, changed and we wandered onto the main street to find some lunch and to P1050658post a letter to Physio NZ that was due in March! Whoops! We got it posted and went for lunch in La Valeriana which I had seen and fell in love with from the cuteness of it last week when we walked past it. It was a cute little boutique looking cafe. Ben had the smallest slice ever of quiche, which explained why it was only 4 soles and a slice of passionfruit cake. I had a yummy prosciutto sandwich and a slice of strawberry cheesecake. We both had coffees which were really yummy. We hung out there for a while so full from delicious food which def made up for our relatively crappy breakie! We watched a group of 3 girls sit there for an hour and not say a single word to each other. It was very odd. Ben suggested going over and giving them a topic of conversation and leaving them to it!

We then wandered up to the main square, perusing all the souvenir shops along the way and stopping to watch the festival in full swing, While watching we noticed Starbucks up on a balcony in the sun overlooking the festival so we went P1050660up and ordered yet another drink of coffee for ben and chai latte for me and settled in on the balcony, in the sunshine watching the festival. It was pretty impressive. Everyone had so much energy and the costumes were so funky. We decided it was university groups competing today. It was a lovely few hours actually and we managed to get some accommodation booked for chile and argentina also. After a few hours we decided to wander back to the hotel and continue with our admin – blogs, pics, booking and looking for potential places to live in a few weeks when we get back! A whole new lot of apartments have come on, while we were away which is awesome! So we will start emailing some tomorrow. We caught up on almost everything, including editing a video of me doing superwoman ziplining which was filmed by the guide strapped in behind me. Mainly just capturing my butt the whole way but still pretty cool! Mum and Nanny – dont freak out when you see it! It was very safe &x1F60A

The time finally came for more food and I was so so excited. We had decided to P1050661treat ourselves on our last night in Peru to Uchu Steak Restaurant. Where we had dinner on the first night. And it didnt disappoint. It was so so incredible. We once again had alpaca and beef kebabs on a stone grill with delicious mashed sweet potatoes for me and peanut and chilli potato mash for ben. I had a passionfruit daquiri to drink which was amazing! Second best daquiri I have ever had! Still doesnt beat the ridiculously overpriced Santorini ones mum! And Ben had a nice glass of wine. We were so full but so so satisfied. Yes it isnt the cheapest place in Peru by a long stretch but for drinks and meals it was only $47US for both of us and we both came extremely close to saying it is the best meal we have ever had. But that is a gigantic call so we may need to think that through a lil more before quoting it to the public. But either way if you come to Cusco you HAVE to come to Uchu!!

We eventually rolled down the hill back to our hotel and climbed into bed and had an early night after spending an P1050664hour or so uploading 6 blogs form the last 6 days! Enjoy the bedtime reading! Off to Santiago tomorrow then straight onto Bariloche the next day so we have 2 full travel days ahead!

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