PB090002Hi All,

Today we woke early and headed to the Forbidden City thinking that with the early start we would beat the cues…..NOPE!!! Was mental- so busy. We walked all the way to the entrance before being told the ticket office was the other side of the square (cost us 30 mins cueing!!!)

Once inside it was apparent how beautiful the place was (well it was for Emperors and Empresses) the buildings are amazing and well worth seeing. Hope our photos do it justice. We were 2 of 10 other white people we saw all day.

After the Forbidden City, which was 3 hours of walking around, we headed to the Jingshan park which was amazing!!! There were loads of locals playing music or dancing, was good to see so many people doing things. We walked to the top which had a tower looking over the Forbidden City, the photos are amazing from up there.

After Jingshan Park we headed to the bookworm cafe which was in the lonely planet guide, food was amazing and there was an amazing vibe in the place, wished we went in the evening. PB090003We then headed to a blackmarket shopping mall Vicky went to last time she was here, it was fun as some things you see are awful but other things seem real but off the back of a lorry and the name changed, I brought some fake Nikes and nearly brought a Marmot coat which was real just dodgy lol.

We headed back to the hotel where Vicky had a couple of hours nap and I tried loading up a blog but photos took so long had to finish today &x1F61E!!!!

In the evening we headed to the Ghost street from the guide. It was a street full of local restaurants and was amazing we picked out one place which did meat on sticks and other dishes, it was amazing the beef was tender and the rice was delicious and plentiful!!! As we left we got about 1 min from Metro and ran into 2 people from Emirates and then walked them to the same place as there were vegetation dishes there!!! (Our good deed for the day) Then as we headed back a little Chinese kid ran at Vicky and attached himself to her PB090004leg and as she tried to move him he yelled!!! It was so funny even the dad was laughing of the kid, wish I had a photo of it!!! Think Vicky has had enough of kids from work!!!

We then headed back and went to bed as we were shattered from the last few days but a massive party was happening downstairs!!! We asked each other if we should just go down and join in but sleep won!! Boo we are getting old and boring!!!

Thats it for now!! Love N&V X

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