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Met the group today, mix of australians, scottish and a german – all around our age group which is nice. Seems to be a good group with a really good guide. On our first meet we all went for a meal together after our initial meet. Our group leader selected all the dishes, whic was fun! We stareted off with cold chicken’s feet (they had been boiled). I tried them, Rox didn’t – she made the right choice!!!! Besides that all the food was really nice, they can do lovely things with egg plant, sweet potatoe and pumpkin!

After the meal we went to a bar where a young local was offering to make a small statue of us out of playdo! Rox was suckered in and paid 120 yuan (about 10-11 pounds) for it…. Now we have to carry it for six months – and its a pile of shite!!! Check it out on the photos….

Our first day was spent at the great wall of China… This was unreal, the view wasnt perfect as it was foggy (or smoggy) but still impressive… Rox done well with the stairs here, but got the cable car down… I carried onto the toboggan to come down which was cool as hell! After the great wall we went to see an acrobatics show which was very cool. Through the show me and Rox were trying to decide if some of the tricks were real, they were – we saw a few falls!!!

On the Wednesday we went of to Tiannamen Square and the Forbidden City. Very impressive, the scale of it was increadible. The design, paintings and sculptures were so impressive. This probably topped my list of favourite sites so far… Rox’s is still The Summer Palace.

We then borded a 12 hour overnight sleeper train to X’ian to see the Terracotta warriors. Again very impressive. See the photos. Cant even explain the scale of it. It was comissioned to be built by a 12 year old emporer – what a little fu**er, killed all the slave that built it to…. After this we went for another group meal which was lovely….We then hit a bar, and after a few beers decided it was wise to go to a club…
Hillarious. They also have no age limit of who can go in – its just up to the doormen to decide if they’re to young….. Major hang over the next morn after dodgey chinese beer… I managed to be up for 7am to go to the local park and see the Tai Chi, was interesting!

Then our second overnight sleeper (16hrs) and arrived at ChengDu. So today we went off to see the Panda research and breeding centre. Was a lot better than expected. All the baby panda’s were fighting and rolling down the hills, Rox loved the baby panda’s in the incubators..ahhhhh….

Just been to explore the a tibeten market, and spent most of our time in the snack street, trying different things…. Out of about 5 things we tried, 1 was bad and 1 undercooked.. Hopefully no food poisioning…. Rox loved it as it was help yourself to as much chilli as you liked. We’re in Sichuan – the spice (hottness) capital of China – food is all good… We’re off to a Sichuan cookery class this eve where we learn how to cook a few dishes – hopefully the famous Sichuan hot pot…

Monday we’re off on a 9 hour coach drive up intio the Tibetan Plataue to see local villages and stay at some local places so we may be away from the internet for a while…. Hope your all well x

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