When triathlete Shane O’Reilly set out to compete in this year’s Dublin City Triathalon, he didn’t know he would be racing a stag.

O’Reilly was hit by a deer as it attempted to hurdle him while he raced through Phoenix Park on Sunday. As reported by the BBC, the public park is the year-round home to roughly 500 deer.

“The helmet definitely saved me,” Mr O’Reilly later told Irish broadcaster RTÉ. “Apart from that, my shoulder was a bit sore and I had a headache.”

Deer Tackles Cyclist Mid-Triathlon in Dublin

Despite the collision, O’Reilly, who hails from Blackrock in County Dublin, finished the race in two hours and 25 minutes. Christopher Mintern, the first place finisher, completed the biking, smimming, and running course in one hour and 36 seconds.

Deer Tackles Cyclist Mid-Triathlon in Dublin

The BBC reported that the deer escaped without serious injury. Apparently, it did not win any trophies either.


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