Traveling Up to Hut PointA look at what we saw when we explored Discovery Hut and Hut Point. Robert Falcon Scott in 1902 established the camp at Hut Point using a prefabricated large hut made in Australia.

Scott chose to winter in McMurdo Sound at the end of Hut Point Peninsula on Ross Island because this area is one of the ice-free areas of Antaractica. He originally was just going to have a small party go winter ashore, but because the building turned out to be unsuitable, the party ended up staying on the ship.

The hut is built of Scots Pine and Douglas fir, but being of tropical design was too hard to heat.

They spent nearly 3 years exploring from this point after the Discovery became immersed in ice. Before the expedition left in 1904, they built a cross on a nearby hill to honor George Vince who had fallen off a cliff early in the expedition.

This hut was used by later expeditions as shelter and a place to store provisions.

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