Overnight in Sibiu


Day 5

Sighisoara, Transylvania

Sighisoara, Transylvania

In the morning you’ll set off for Sighisoara. On the way you’ll make a detour for the UNESCO site of Biertan. Located in a beautiful rural area of Transylvania, the castle-church of Biertan is perched on a hill surrounded by old Saxon houses which preserve the medieval atmosphere. You’ll enjoy a tour of the fortress and church, where you’ll learn the history of this place as well as hear some funny stories.

Sighisoara, another UNESCO site in Transylvania, is the next stop on your trip. Built by the Germans about 800 years ago, the medieval citadel of Sighisoara looks like a perfect postcard. It is the best preserved citadel in Romania, a stunning combination of cobblestone streets, medieval walls, massive watch towers and old architecture. Add to these the House of Vlad Dracul, allegedly the birth place of Dracula. You’ll visit the Clock Tower, the symbol of Sighisoara, and the Church on the Hill, one of the oldest buildings of the citadel.

Overnight in Sighisoara


Day 6

Borgo Pass, Transylvania

Borgo Pass, Transylvania

In Targu Mures you’ll encounter a new type of architecture, the Secession style. Developed for the first time in Germany and Austria, the style spread out into many other parts of the Western world. In Transylvania it was introduced by the local Hungarian authorities in cities such as Targu Mures, Medias, and Cluj Napoca. One of the most impressive Secession buildings is the Culture Palace in Targu Mures – you’ll get to admire the building’s Concert Hall and visit other museums including the Art Museum.
Bistrita, founded by German colonists, is where Jonathan Harker, the character in the Dracula novel, overnights for the first time in Transylvania at the Golden Crown. Stop at the very same hotel and enjoy a delicious lunch. Afterwards you’ll take a short tour of the old town.
Soon you’ll enjoy the beauty of the villages along the road and then, the exotic Carpathian Mountains. You’ll reach the Dracula Castle where you can visit his dungeon . . . at your own risk!
You’ll spend the night in a mountain village.

Overnight in Borgo Pass


Day 7

Today is going to be a long day. You’ll be able to admire the beautiful landscape of the Carpathian Mountains for the whole day. You’ll pass through the Bicaz Gorge where you’ll admire the wonders of the nature. Not far away you’ll stop for a short visit of the Red Lake. You’ll be told the interesting legend of the lake and you’ll enjoy a short walking tour.

The evening is dedicated to Halloween. You will enjoy a late visit at the famous castle of Bran, the most visited tourist landmark in Romania. Built about 800 years ago when Transylvania was controlled by Hungarian kings, the castle became a major attraction in the ’60s when it became known as “Dracula’s Castle.” You’ll get to admire its beautiful rooms renovated by Queen Marie of Romania, and you’ll be told the story of Dracula.

At the end of the visit (optional), be part of the annual Halloween party which takes place at Bran castle.

Overnight in Brasov area.


Day 8

The Old Town Square - Brasov, Transylvania

The Old Town Square – Brasov, Transylvania

It’s time to leave Transylvania behind, but only for a short time. You’ll cross the mountains back into Wallachia and you’ll stop in Sinaia, also known as the Pearl of the Carpathian Mountains. You’ll visit the local monastery, the oldest building in the town. Further on, you’ll be literally overwhelmed by the splendor of Peles Castle*. Built by the order of Carol I, the first king of Romania, Peles Castle is considered one of the most beautiful castles in Europe. The unique architecture and exquisite interiors are matched only by the beauty of the Carpathian Mountains themselves.

At noon stop at Harman Saxon village located pretty close to Brasov and visit the stunning Harman fortified church. The construction dates back to 1240 and 200 years later the walls of fortification were constructed. The church served as a worship place for the locals but as a shelter, as well, during the Ottoman invasions. Visiting Harman fortified church will be like steping back time as you will discover how the Saxons used to live here by admiring their authentic, medieval dwellings and their church.

The last stop is Brasov, a city built by the German colonists about 750 years ago. It boasts wonderful medieval architecture. Surrounded by massive walls, towers and gates, the city was also protected against different invasions by the steep hills of the mountains. Located on an important trade route, the city developed quickly, and the residents built one of the most impressive Gothic churches between Vienna and Istanbul, today known as the Black Church**.

* Peles Castle is closed on Mondays between May 16th and September 15th. For the rest of the year it is closed on both Mondays and Tuesdays. Each year the castle is closed for the entire month of November. Pelisor Castle or the Cantacuzino Castle in Busteni may be used as alternatives.

** During the cold months, between November and April, the Black Church will be seen only from outside.

Overnight in Brasov


Day 9

Snagov Monastery, Dracula's grave

Snagov Monastery, Dracula’s grave

The Dracula tour continues with the peasant fortress of Rasnov. Built more than 800 years ago, perched on the top of a high hill, the fortress of Rasnov was conquered only once. Today, it offers a great panoramic view over Transylvania.

The tour will end with mysterious Snagov Monastery. Probably built for the first time in the 14th century, the present church, located on a beautiful island, dates back to the 16th century. Today, the Snagov Monastery is famous throughout the world thanks to the personage of Vlad the Impaler, who for Romanians is a great historical figure while for foreigners is the infamous vampire known as Dracula.

In the afternoon you’ll reach again the capital city of Romania where our Dracula Tour ends.

Overnight in Bucharest


Day 10

Today you’ll be transferred to the airport according to your schedule.


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