Dubrovnik is located in southern Croatia on the Adriatic Sea and possesses a long history. Dubrovnik has been exquisitely preserved to maintain its medieval charm. While Dubrovnik has a long history, the development of Dubrovnik primarily occurred in the 15th and 16th centuries, when Dubrovnik expanded into a booming maritime trading center. Now, Dubrovnik is an important international tourist destination attracting visitors from all over the world. This city has everything from breathtaking views, historic buildings, and gorgeous natural wonders. Dubrovnik is truly a one-of-a-kind city that should be at the top of anyone’s travel itinerary – especially as the weather in Dubrovnik is so good even long after summer passes. With cheap flights to Dubrovnik coming more often we bet you’ll find yourself planning a vacation to this incredible city, so, here are just a few of the things to do in Dubrovnik.

Things to See and Do in Dubrovnik

Encircled by massive stone walls, the UNESCO-listed city of Dubrovnik’s has so many things to see and do – how much time you spend here will determine how many Dubrovnik attractions you can tick off your things to do list:

Cathedral of The Assumption of Mary

First off, let’s wander within the pedestrian zone and head to the Cathedral of the Assumption of Mary is a baroque structure built on the site of a 7th-century basilica. The original cathedral was destroyed by an earthquake in 1667. This cathedral is filled with history. Not only is the building an outstanding work of art itself, but it is home to a polyptych by the 19th-century Italian painter Titian called the Assumptions of Mary. The architecture of the altars is something to marvel at, as well as the treasury. Tickets must be purchased to enter the treasury where gold and silver relics made between the 11th and 17th are on display.

Cathederal of the Asumption of Mary Dubrovnik | Dubrovnik Travel Blog

What to do in Dubrovnik: Cathedral. Photo credit: Diego Delso

‘Games of Thrones’ Walking Tour

Dubrovnik is home to several locations used in filming the hit TV show ‘Game of Thrones’. Dubrovnik is the proper setting of King’s Landing, the capital of the fictional Seven Kingdoms realm. Take a three-hour tour around the Dubrovnik Old Town to see where most of the filming took place. Upgrading your tour will include an extra one and a half hour trip to Trsteno Arboretum. On this tour, you will follow in the footsteps of your favorite characters. It is like traveling back in time and to another world. Even if you are not a fan, this tour could turn you into one.

Here you can get a Dubrovnik Games of Thrones Map


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What to do in Dubrovnik

Rector’s Palace

The Rector’s Palace is a beautiful mix of Gothic and Renaissance design and architecture. The palace was built in the 15th century for the Rector governing Dubrovnik. It includes the Rector’s private chambers, administrative offices, public halls, and even a dungeon. Today, the Rectors Palace is the Cultural History Museum. The museum shows off restored rooms and portraits alongside coats of arms and coins that tell the story of Dubrovnik. The architecture of the palace is quite remarkable. Having been rebuilt several times, it still holds onto its historical roots. The Rector’s palace also holds live concerts during the Summer Festival.

What to see in Dubrovnik - Rectors Palace | Travel Blog

What to do in Dubrovnik – Rectors Palace. Photo Credit Diego Delso

Dominican Monastery & Museum

The Dominican Monastery and Museum were built during the 14th century making it as old as the city wall fortifications. Built in a Gothic and Renaissance style, this building is home to many impressive works of art. The architecture of the building itself is a work of art, and inside, a 15th-century cloister designed by local artisans can be found. The cloister was inspired by Maso di Barolomeo. Alongside the cloister, you will find beautiful stained glass windows as well as works by Vlaho Bukovac, Lovro Dobricevic, Nikola Bozidarevic, and Titian.

Take a Sunset Cruise

IN my opinion an absolute, must-do activity, is to take a sunset cruise. There is a 2-hour sunset cruise along the Dubrovnik coast where you’ll need your camera to capture the most glorious sunsets while in your own private boat. See the city walls from the sea as well as various reefs, the lighthouse and Lokrum Island.

Check out this tour that also comes with free hotel pickup and drop-off included.

Kayak the Adriatic

Take a half day tour starting in a small port to the right of Pile Gate. Don’t worry if you don’t have any experience as you’ll be accompanied by instructors and other non-experienced kayakers. On this tour, you will paddle around Lokrum Island and stop at a hidden cave beach called Betina.  It’s at Betina that you take a break, do some snorkeling, cliff jumping and eat lunch. Most tour operators provide lunch in the tour fee, which means more to explore and less time waiting in line to be served. Your arms will be tired, but you’ll love every minute of your time exploring the Dubrovnik coast.

Read here about kayaking in Dubrovnik, including how to book a tour

City Walls & Forts

The walls that surround the city provide an excellent spot for sightseeing at all angles – and are usually the number of thing on anyone’s things to do in Dubrovnik list – and for good reason. The first walls were built around Dubrovnik in the 9th century. Since then, the walls have been rebuilt and fortified numerous times, including the shelling damage from the 1990s. The walls were strengthened when the Turks threatened to invade during the 15th century. The walls offer views and protection by land and by sea. It can be quite a climb to get to the top of these walls, especially when it is hot outside. The path is steep and has little shelter along the way. But once you reach the top, the views will be well worth the climb.

Opening hours. June and July 8am-7.30pm for all other times check with the tourist board. 

Local tip: Don’t go in the middle of the day, the heat is intense. No matter when you go – take lots of water with you.

Game of Thrones locations - Travel Croatia - Dubrovnik, The Pearl of the Adriatic | Dubrovnik Travel Blog

What to do in Dubrovnik – Kings Landing, also known as Dubrovnik

Pull up a Barstool Where Beyonce & Jay-Z hang out

Dine with the rich and famous at Restaurant & Lounge 360. Frequented by Beyonce and Jay-Z, it’s the place to be if you’re up for a night of luxury. It’s a fine dining restaurant & the bar has an unbeatable view of the harbor. Best of all it has very long wine list including the best Croatian Wines and an international wine selection. Check out our local’s guide to eating in Dubrovnik for more options.

Take a Ride up, up & Away to Mt Srđ

This exhilarating ride via a cable car is great for the whole family and provides a bird’s eye view over Croatia’s most visited city.

Save 29%: Dubrovnik Super Saver: Mt Srd Cable Car Ride plus Dubrovnik Old Town & City Walls Walking Tour

Photograph your Dubrovnik Holidays

It’s widely known that Dubrovnik is one of Croatia’s most beautiful cities. Making it a photographers paradise, with no shortage of events or sites to explore. We recommend you combine the stunning city that is Dubrovnik and learn how to take stunning photos while on your vacation like this one.

Maritime Matters

You can’t miss the 14th-century port, it’s  huge and well worth checking out. But what you may not see is the Maritime Museum. A great place to be when the sun is high, and you need some relief. Set in St John’s fortress in the southeast corner of Old Town Dubrovnik, which houses personal items from ship captains from the 18th century as well as model ships.

Try a slice of Dubrovnik Rožata

This local dessert got its name from a liquor made in Dubrovnik from roses, which was once used to flavor this flan-like dessert. Rozata can be found on almost every menu in Dubrovnik restaurants. Try this Rozata Recipe for yourself – it’s very easy.

croatian cooking dubrovnik rozata

The yummy Rozata. Photo Credit Englishman in Dubrovnik

Walking Tours in Dubrovnik

There is a rich history of Dubrovnik that needs to be peeled back, one layer at a time. We suggest the best way to learn is on a guided walking tour – and it will give you good cause to try the next one on the list. So get moving and add this to your list of things to do in Dubrovnik and get a local’s perspective.

Go Rock Climbing

There are a few rock climbing sites around Dubrovnik. Beginner climbers should book one of the guided rock climbing tours where you get a climbing and safety lesson. 

Book a tour in before you leave home right here.

Go Beyond The Dubrovnik Walls & Take a Day Trip From Dubrovnik

There is more to Dubrovnik than the Old Town – Holidays to Dubrovnik should feature at least one Dubrovnik day trip. One day trip suggestion is Sokol Grad. Just 30 mins drive from Dubrovnik; you can see what it was like for soldiers in the 15th century who were stationed at this fort. You’ll find on display canons and other weapons.

Other day trips from Dubrovnik you can take are:

  • The Island of Lokrum. Get on a boat (leaves every half hour) and discover this small, yet must-see island which has a salt-water lake.
  • Elafiti Islands. We have a great tour suggestion here. This set of islands is so romantic. The perfect place to escape the busy city. Just three islands are inhabited (Kolocep, Lopud, and Sipan) and many are car-free – so enjoy the serenity.
  • National Park Island of Mljet. Get active in Croatia and cycle or hike for the day.
  • Peljesac Peninsula. Croatia’s second biggest peninsula – perfect for day of wine and oysters.
  • Korcula Island. Crystal clear water, both sand and pebbly beaches, historical towns.
  • Konavle. The place to be if you like horse-back riding or wanna get loud with an ATV safari.
  • Vjetrenica Cave. Just one hour from Dubrovnik are these mysterious caves in Bosnia & Herzegovina.
  • You could even leave Croatia & visit, Montenegro, Mostar or Kravica Waterfalls in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Many any of these can be booked through Viator for a great pre-arranged prices before you arrive.

Spend 3 Days in Dubrovnik Like no Other

We’ve put together this tour with a travel partner and it’s been very popular. It’s a personal tour – you choose the dates, hotels and anything extra you want to do.

Book or find out more here.

Dubrovnik Itinerary | Croatia Travel Guide

Dubrovnik Itinerary

Take a dip in a Dubrovnik Beach

No list of things to do in Dubrovnik would be complete without plunging yourself into the azure sea. Dubrovnik boasts some breathtaking beaches:

  • Sveti Jakov. With full facilities inc. shower and cafe, Sveti Jakov Beach can be easily reached by bus from the main town.
  • Banje. Great for  kids and a short walk from Ploče Gate
  • Lapad. Complete with lifeguard, this beach is an overall favorite. Just don’t head west, unless you want to see the nudist community of bathers.

Wander the Gunduliceva Poljana Market

One of my favorite things to do in a new place is to visit an outdoor market.  It’s a great way to immerse yourself in a new location. While on holidays in Dubrovnik, you will find the oldest market in Dubrovnik inside the Old City, known as Gunduliceva Poljana Market. This market is located at the Rector’s Palace and Cathedral. Gunduliceva Poljana market has been operating, in this location since 1892. Offering all seasonal fruits, vegetables, cheese, olives, honey, and spices. It’s here you can also purchase many handmade souvenirs.

Dubrovnik Markets ashley hubbard

The busy Dubrovnik market is a great place to haggle. Photo Credit Ashley Hubbard

Key Festivals and Events in Dubrovnik

The Dubrovnik Summer Festival

The Dubrovnik Summer Festival has been running for well over 60 years and gets better with every year that passes. Various concerts, events and theatrical performances are held almost every evening in different locations and venues around the city. If you are in Dubrovnik in Summer you should definitely try and see a performance.

Find out more about the Dubrovnik Summer Festival here.

Festival of St. Blaise

St. Blaise is Dubrovnik’s patron saint. This festival, dedicated to him, occurs every year on February 3rd. Ceremonies and celebrations usually begin the day before and last all throughout the next day. The events of the ceremonies include traditional dances, mass at church, and a large feast with many traditional dishes to honor the patron saint. The Festival of St. Blaise is a long standing tradition in Dubrovnik, stretching as far back at the 1100’s.

Christmas in Dubrovnik

Find more festivals here.

Best Beaches in Dubrovnik

Banje Beach

Banje Beach is the most famous Dubrovnik beach for a good reason. The white sandy & pebble beach has crystal clear water and is enough to make Banje Beach seem like paradise. But, there is more to do there than lay on the beach all day. Banje Beach offers many adventurous activities to thrill seekers. Boats, jet skis, and even parachute rides can be found right off the coast. And for those of you who prefer the nightlife, Banje beach has many bars that come alive after dark located right on the sand.

Banje Beach | Dubrovnik Travel Blog Croatia F

Banje Beach One of the Best in Dubrovnik. Photo credit: Stuart Pinfold

Pasjaca Beach

If you want to escape the crowds and laze on a secluded beach, then you’ll need to head way out of Dubrovnik Old Town, and make your way to the village of Popovici. You’ll find it around 20kms south of Dubrovnik in the Konavle Region. Not exactly easy to find, Pasjaca Beach is only for the fit and adventurous as you need to walk down a steep cliff to get your toes wet. Tip: pack your drinks and snacks as there are no beach side facilities. 

Copacabana Beach

Another famous beach in Dubrovnik, Copacabana Beach is located on the Lapad peninsula at Babin Kuk. It is a pebble and concrete bridge that offers a beautiful view of the Dubrovnik Bridge. Like many of the other beaches in Dubrovnik, Copacabana Beach offers plenty of rental jet skis and kayaks and parachute rides. There are amenities and activities for children and including those who have disabilities. At night, the beach turns into a bar scene with many bars opening up right on the beach.

Sulici Beach

Sulici Beach is not super crowded – yet just meters away is Old Town Dubrovnik. Sulici Beach is tiny and is covered in concrete (sorry!), but the water is crystal clear and refreshing. 

Lapad Beaches and Bay

Lapad is the peninsula that sticks out into the Adriatic Sea. There are many superb beaches located on either side of the peninsula as well as a calm, relaxing bay. Many of the Lapad beaches have chairs and umbrellas for rent and beach side restaurants and coffee bars. The Lapad beaches are a mixture of sand and pebble (as well as slabs of concrete sadly).  These beaches are excellent for relaxing, taking walks, or adventuring out in kayaks or jet skis.

What to see in Dubrovnik Travel Blog Lapad Beach | Dubrovnik Travel Blog

Lapad Beach Dubrovnik. Photo credit: Aileen Parsons

Sveti Jakov

The Sveti Jakov Beach is located south of Dubrovnik’s Old Town and is way less crowded than our first suggestion of Banje beach – and perhaps a nicer crowd too. We suspect it’s less crowded as it takes around half-an-hour and over 150 stairs to reach the beach – you’ll be hot and sweaty before you even get to the water – but you won’t regret it.

Naturist Beaches in Dubrovnik

  • Lokrum Beach. On the Island of Lokrum. Be warned that kayak tours go by here several times a day.
  • Cava Naturist Beach. A pebble beach not far from Copacabana Beach
  • Sunj Beach. Located on the Island Lopud.

Map of Beaches in Dubrovnik

Best Accommodation in Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik Hostels

  • Fresh Sheets Hostel. Also known as City Walls Hostel, this hostel is located in the historic Old Town area. Find out the rate or get more hostel suggestions here.
  • Begovic Boarding House. This hostel is located in Lapad and has an outstanding 360-degree view outside its windows. Get the rate and more suggestions here.
  • Cocoon Hostel is set on the Lapad Peninsula, only 500 meters from the nearest beach and 2.5 km from Dubrovnik’s UNESCO-protected Old Town. Find up to date rate here.
  • My Way Hostel Dubrovnik is located 2 km from the UNESCO-listed Dubrovnik Old Town. It offers beds in air-conditioned mixed dormitory rooms. Free WiFi is provided. Get rates here.

Dubrovnik Apartments

Add apartments to your list of where to stay in Dubrovnik. Dubrovnik apartments are plentiful. Vacation rentals through places like Booking.com or you can take a more personal route and use an Airbnb host. Hosts are helpful and will give you local info, like – where to eat in Dubrovnik. Use this link to get a €18 credit when you join Airbnb. Other cheap apartments for rent can also be found when you arrive – there are just that many!  Start your Dubrovnik holiday apartments search with ones like this three bedroom apartment with a swimming pool that sleeps 8 and has parking and Wi-Fi.

Where to stay in Dubrovnik | Travel Croatia Guide

A great apartment in Dubrovnik. Photo credit: Apartment Dubrava

Apartments Petra Dubrovnik

This quiet apartment is located in Lapad. It has two bedrooms and two bathrooms and can sleep up to six people. The Petra Apartment is close to everything you want to do during your stay. The apartment is close to the beach and the city market. It won’t take you long to get to the beach, the grocery store, the bus stop, or even any events that are happening in Dubrovnik. Not to mention, the view of the beach and the bay from the private balcony is outstanding.

Find great rates here

Kovacec Dubrovnik Apartments 

This five bed, five bath apartment is located in Boninove-Lapad. With five bedrooms and five bathrooms, this apartment sleeps an outstanding seventeen people. Kovacec Apartment is newly built and fully equipped. It boasts several amenities including a washing machine, air-conditioning, a flat-screen TV, and Wi-Fi. And for the ultimate relaxation, the private terrace will let you soak up the sun and take in the view all day long. When you’re ready to venture out, everything will be within walking distance including shops and beaches. The Old Town is only ten minutes away.

Get a great deal right here

If you’d like a truly unique experience you could try sleeping in a tree house in Konavle for something different.

Dubrovnik Hotels

3 Star Hotels in Dubrovnik

Hotel Adriatic

This hotel is located on the beach-front of the Bay of Lapad. You can choose from rooms with a sea view or a park view. The view from either side is stunning. The Hotel Adriatic offers many amenities including air conditioned rooms, free buffet breakfast, a bar, and a gym. This hotel is also within walking distance of many restaurants, bars, and shops. If you are looking to travel further into Dubrovnik, a bus stop that will take you straight into Old Town is located right in front of the hotel.

Get a price for your dates or find more Dubrovnik accommodation

Best places to stay in Dubrovnik - Hotel Adriatic | Dubrovnik Travel Blog

Best places to stay in Dubrovnik. Photo credit: Hotel Adriatic

Hotel Sumratin

The Hotel Sumratin is located near the beach and not too far from restaurants, shops, and Old Town. This hotel offers several amenities including Wi-Fi, air-conditioned rooms, room service, and laundry service. There is even a restaurant and bar in the hotel that provides a variety of meals, including fresh seafood, and cocktails. If you are looking for transportation to and from an airport, the Hotel Sumratin offers a transportation service to help you get there.

Get a price for your dates or find more accommodation in Dubrovnik

 4 Star Hotels in Dubrovnik

Grand Hotel Park

The Grand Hotel Park is located in Lapad with a breathtaking view of the sea. Anyone looking for the whole package in a hotel will be pleased with the Grand Hotel Park. Start your day off with a free complimentary breakfast. From there, head off to either the pool or the spa located in the hotel. Spend your day in, or go out to the beach or into the city that isn’t too far away. End your night in the restaurant or the bar located in the hotel. If needed, you can find dry cleaning, self-serve laundry, free parking, and meeting rooms at your disposal. To save you the trouble, there is a concierge at the main desk and laundry service. Their multilingual staff will be willing to help you.

Get a price for your dates or find more Dubrovnik accommodation

Whats a good hotel in Dubrovnik? Grand Hotel Park | Dubrovnik Travel Blog

What is a good hotel in Dubrovnik? Grand Hotel Park Dubrovnik.

Tirena Hotel

The Tirena Hotel is located close to Old Town and is decorated in a Mediterranean style. Near the beach, it will be easy for you to spend all day enjoying the outdoors, especially with this hotel’s sports amenities and pool. After you have spent your day on the go, relax in the Tirena Hotel garden filled with pine, olive, and cypress trees. Or, you can spend the night dining in the hotel restaurant and bar. For your convenience, the Tirena Hotel offers free Wi-Fi, free parking, meeting rooms, laundry service with dry cleaning, and airport transportation.

Get a price for your dates or find more Dubrovnik accommodation

5 Star Hotels in Dubrovnik

Hotel Excelsior

This 100-year-old hotel is a beautiful sight in itself. It is a mixture of old and new architecture. Delicately perched on the side of a cliff, this hotel offers magnificent views of Lokrum Island and Old Town. This hotel offers everything you think of when you want to stay in paradise. Not only are the views spectacular, but the hotel offers the best amenities. With a private beach, peaceful gardens, and four delicious restaurants, the Hotel Excelsior has it all. For your convenience, this hotel offers free internet, free parking, free breakfast, room service, dry cleaning, and babysitting.

Get a price for your dates or find more accommodation in Dubrovnik

Hotel Bellevue Dubrovnik

This luxurious five-star hotel is located on the Adriatic sea and within walking distance of Old Town. Every room in the hotel has a view of the beautiful Adriatic. With everything this hotel has to offer, there is no way you won’t find what you are looking for. Spend your day on the beach, at the pool, or at the spa. Finish off your day with a relaxing meal at the restaurant and bar. You won’t have to worry about the little things because Hotel Bellevue will take care of them for you. With room service, free internet, cleaning service with dry cleaning, and babysitting, you will have everything you need to relax.

Hotel Bellevue Dubrovnik

Best Accommodation in Dubrovnik


Hotel Bellevue | Dubrovnik Travel Blog

Our top pick for where to stay in Dubrovnik: Hotel Bellevue

Best Family Friendly Hotels in Dubrovnik

With so many safe beaches for your kids to play at – it’s only natural that you want a hotel in Dubrovnik that is family friendly. Here in Croatia kids are widely accepted, and you won’t have any issues in a variety of places – but where to stay in Dubrovnik with kids?

  • Valamar Club Dubrovnik. These rooms are spacious, perfect for kids to stretch out, plus you can also ask about free parking and all inclusive options here.
  • Radisson Blu Resort & Spa Hotel, Dubrovnik. Set 11kms away from the Old Town, this hotel has kids activities all summer. The residences have cooking facilities which helps save money.
  • MirO Studio Apartments Dubrovnik hotel. They have a selection of self-catering apartments in Dubrovnik.

Get even more ideas on where to stay in Dubrovnik right here.

Places to Eat and Drink in Dubrovnik

After a long day sightseeing, you’ll need to know the best restaurants in Dubrovnik – and where to get a drink (or five). Inside the Old Town of Dubrovnik, prices are high – really high. A cup of coffee is 35kuna whereas, in most places its 9-12 kuna. Here are just a few places we can suggest you try, but if you want to eat on a tight budget head outside to neighboring villages where things to return to average Croatian prices.

Restaurant Horizont

Restaurant Horizont creates an enjoyable dining atmosphere. This restaurant serves a wide variety of traditional Mediterranean cuisines, as well as wine and spirits. Many people fall in love with menu options, but not as much as they do with the view. Sitting inside the walls of Old Town, the view is fantastic. Sitting outside, you can see all around Dubrovnik. The staff are very attentive. The prices of the menu items vary so you can stick to the budget or blow it out of the water. Find them on Facebook.

Konoba Veranda

This quaint restaurant is located four minutes from the bay. Run by a locate couple, Maja, and Mirko, the menu includes a variety of items. Being so close to the sea, this restaurant offers all kinds of fresh seafood prepared in a variety of ways. The food is classic Mediterranean, European, and Croatian dishes set at great prices. The couple who runs Konoba Veranda are very warm and welcoming and love to chat with visitors. Find them on Facebook.

Restaurant 360

Restaurant 360 serves outstanding Mediterranean cuisine. The food is prepared by the best chefs in the area and served by professional and attentive staff. The food is what draws visitors to Restaurant 360, but it is the experience that keeps bringing them back. Restaurant 360 overlooks Dubrovnik’s port. Inside, the modern, classy atmosphere instantly puts customers at ease. Whether you are there for a romantic evening or a family dinner, Restaurant 360 can provide you with all that you are looking for. Make a reservation here.

Azur Restaurant

This is a little-hidden gem in the backstreets of the Old Town, near the western side of the walls. Azur serves up excellent Mediterranean-Asian fusion meals. Like a shrimp pouch on roasted aubergine in coconut curry sauce. Its an absolute must to be here at sunset, although a great place to be anytime. The chefs at Azur source organically grown and locally sourced herbs & the fish and shellfish are sourced from local fishermen.

While the drinks may cost you a little more than your typical bar – it is very much worth the splurge to enjoy the atmosphere and views. Check out their website

Restaurant Orhan

Orhan has stunning views, a reasonably priced menu and is tucked away from the crowds. What more could you ask for? The restaurant is situated at the foot of Tower Lovrjenac, just 200m out of he Old Town. Take a seat inside of the restaurant or sit out on the terrace, either way you’ll have the magnificent view of Lovrjenac and the city walls of the Old Town. Restaurant Orhan serves both international and traditional cuisine and are famous for black cuttlefish risotto. Find them here. 


This is a vegetarian restaurant that even carnivorous Croatian men go to without making a fuss. Nishta serves only 100% vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free dishes. Its always fresh and tasty. With just a few tables, they are always busy so do plan ahead. Nishta is located in Dubrovnik’s Old Town, on the corner of Palmoticeva and Prijeko, off the Stradun. Best advice is head in, book your table and then head down the stairs and have a pre-dinner cocktail at D’Vino’s Wine Bar. Look at the menu here.


For good quality, inexpensive Dubrovnik classics try Kamenice. Simple family owned place right on the market square. Our pals Jay Way Travel say it’s their go-to place for mussels and fried squid when in town. Head to Gundulićeva poljana 8, Dubrovnik.

Lady Pi Pi

Sat in the Old Town, we’re told that Lady Pi Pi does an excellent and reasonably priced grilled calamari. Be warned though you can’t book a table, and sometimes the wait is over 30 mins. Thier website is here.


Great value, quick and easily located, wood oven pizzas. Tabasco is located across the road from the Fire Station underneath the Dubrovnik Cable Car, which makes it very easy for you to find. Eat at Cavtatska Ulica 11, Dubrovnik

Slastičarnica Dolce Vita

Yummy ice cream – really any place on a hot day is good for ice cream right?

Where to Drink in Dubrovnik

Glam Café coffee bar

When looking for a beautiful, quiet place to enjoy a morning cup of coffee, Glam Café is it. With a menu filled with freshly brewed coffee, hand squeezed juices, and tasty pastries, Glam Café satisfies many people’s coffee addictions. You almost have to hunt to find it seeing as it is tucked up in an alley of the main street, but once you do, you will never want to leave. The aromatic smells and delicious tastes will be enough to bring you back day after day. Find them on Facebook.

Glam Cafe Dubrovnik Travel Blog

Glam Cafe Dubrovnik

Café Buza

Café Buza a nightlife hub in Dubrovnik. Right outside the city walls, this bar offers everything you need to enjoy yourself and let loose a little bit. They serve a wide variety of beer, wine, and spirits. Sit there, drink in hand, with a fantastic view of the Adriatic Sea. While drinks are on the pricier side, the view and experience is well worth the money. Customers love the relaxed, laid back environment of Café Buza and always come back for more. Here is proof.

D’Vino’s wine bar

D’Vino’s wine bar has a large selection of international and Croatian wines. They offer 60 wines by the glass, the largest in Dubrovnik, and even more by the bottle. They also offer wine tastings. D’Vinos Wine Bar is on Palmoticeva opposite Glam caffe. See the website

Map of Where to Eat & Drink in Dubrovnik

Traveling to Dubrovnik and Getting Around Dubrovnik

  • Air. Dubrovnik Airport is located a little over fifteen kilometers from the center of Dubrovnik. Once you arrive at the airport, there is a Dubrovnik airport bus to get you to your destination. Info in Dubrovnik Airport here. 
  • Bus. The buses in Dubrovnik will take you to all of the major locations, as well as big, neighboring cities. The central bus station is located in Gruz, which is just two kilometers from Old Town. There is a regular bus from Zagreb to, Dubrovnik which is cheap for around€35. While in Dubrovnik you can uses local buses which begin at 5am and run past midnight to get you around – just remember that Dubrovnik Old Town is a pedestrian zone.
  • Ferry. The Dubrovnik ferry will take you to numerous locations including nearby cities and islands. With varying schedules, there is always a ferry to meet your schedule. For anyone coming from Italy, there are also ferries that leave from Bari and Ancona. Check the ferry options here.
  • Train. There are no trains in Dubrovnik, but there are stations in other local cities. From there, you would have to get to Dubrovnik by bus or car.
  • Cable Car. The cable car will take you from the center of Dubrovnik to the top of Mt. Srd in four minutes. The sight from the top of the mountain is breathtaking. You can see the whole city. While there, take advantage of the telescopes for viewing as well as the snack bar and restaurant.
  • Car. Traveling by car is an efficient way to get around Dubrovnik. There are many car rental options scattered throughout the city.. It’s just parking that is difficult.
  • Parking. There are a few parking options in the Dubrovnik city center –  but, parking is limited and is mostly paid, so get in early for a parking spot.There are two parking areas close to the old town, but you’ll never get a space there in the high season. Most of the big hotels have their own parking spaces – so try to get that included in your rate.

Dubrovnik Car Rental Search

Traveling to Zagreb, Split or Zadar

  • Bus: The buses in Dubrovnik will take you more than to just stops within the city, you can head from Dubrovnik to Split, Zagreb and Zadar and the surrounding towns. There are numerous buses leaving daily. This site can help with timetables.
  • Car: Traveling by car is an efficient way to get to another city from Dubrovnik – with freeways that are well maintained so long as yo don’t mind pay the toll.
  • Private Transfers. We use these lots ourselves when we travel. You can find good rates here.

Local Tip

The Dubrovnik cruise port is really busy, so if you are planning a holiday in Dubrovnik, try to avoid the days when the cruisers are in town. Approx. 50% of Dubrovnik’s tourists arrive by cruise ship – and they just stay for one busy day. So, if you can’t beat the cruise liners altogether – just come into the old city late in the day, around 5pm – after the cruisers have left for the day.

Schedule of cruise ships in Dubrovnik


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Have you been to Dubrovnik? What were your top things to do in Dubrovnik – did we miss any?

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More Ideas For What to & do in Dubrovnik

Are you not sure what to do in Dubrovnik? Your holiday in Dubrovnik has so many choices, there are so many Dubrovnik sights not even we’ve experienced all that Dubrovnik has on offer. Key highlights include:

  • 3-day Dubrovnik Holiday Like no Other
  • How to Spend One Day in Dubrovnik
  • Photography Holiday in Dubrovnik
  • Photos of Dubrovnik
  • Dubrovnik is a UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • Guide to The Best Restaurants in Dubrovnik
  • Proof That Dubrovnik is More Than Game of Thrones

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