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414064_10151220726368337_347018698_oEntebbe is so beautiful – we love it here and we only arrived very early hours yesterday!! we were only meant to be in Entebbe (where the airport is) for a day, perhaps two, but as the bloody airline has left our bags behind in Istanbul we are a bit stuck!!! we dont actually mind, tis the beauty of travelling for a long time, you dont really have a deadline (unless you have a trip scheduled) so we are happy to stay here – luckily the hostel had room for us for an extra couple of nights!! we are hopefully (the airlines word) able to collect our stuff tomorrow so keep your fingers crossed for us! right now we have very bad breath and really smelly pits so its a bit gross, but we happend upon a really kind couple from Toronto who took pity on us and gave us pasty brits some sun cream and some mozzi deet so at least we can actually go outside!!!! (Angie, Bob and co – told you we love Canadians) &x1F60A !

anyway, our first day we saw monkeys, absolutely giant scary birds called Maribu (which i swear are just pteradactors and the 414013_10151220726993337_1817705542_ogovernement is covering it up), a monitor lizard, some ghekos, some amazing hawks and red kytes, and even – wait for it – a golden orb spider!!! and we were having a guided tour around these amazing botanical gardens and maff very casually said “ah cool, look at those ants” (some ants that i happened to be standing on) and our guide starting shouting ” run! run! stamp your boots, make sure they arn’t on you!!!” it turned out that they were fire ants – the ones that eat you alive and stuff!!! proper sh*t myself! but was not bitten so we must have only been standing on them for a second or two – thank god!!!!

food is lush so far – and no, nothing has made me poorly, which is good as i only have this one pair of pants and no means of washing them!! but got to go now so will write again in Kampala, peraps we might have some clothes!! xxxx love love….. ps, maff says hi &#x1F60A

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