Mt Fantale Crater AwashThis is a very strange entry, we are not in Ethiopia, but we want to be. The season is almost over and soon we will have wound up the season. But as we enter the planning stage, our travel buddy and escort Justyn Lane is now preparing his vehicle in Malawi. But regretably Amanda his faithful girlfriend has decided against the trip of a lifetime, the exploration of the Omo Valley and Northern Kenya. And has decided to rather mundanely choose to merely live in Nairobi and pump more western tax payers money into a basket case. Her decision is her misfortune and the good fortune of someone. Justyn needs a travel companion, an explorer if you want. Someone to help cover the mild costs of deisel getting to the OMO. Please send applications to explore to him on

Remember, that you have to deal with me too, so please no post colonial guilt, and bring a massive sense of humour.
Idiots, leftists and usless people will be left at the nearest bus station to make their own way back to Peckham.

Please note that risks apply to expeditions, and that there is an inherant risk of death Mobil Garage Axuminvolved in Africa. None of us take any responsibility if readers of this blog die.

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