Cathedral in La PazFebruary 14 – La Pax – Today the rooster woke me up at 05:30 crowing outside my window. I got up about 0600 and fixed my tea. It was cold so I dressed quickly and drank my tea. Then I made another cup and took my computer out to the central patio and checked out the Continental breakfast. It was unimpressive so I drank my tea and got some of my own granola from the room to eat.

There were 3 young women there speaking German and we did the mutual smiles and nods strangers do and then they returned to their conversation and I to my laptop. Once again my laptop connected to the router but could not identify it and so I had no internet access again. So I just started making up my blog for the previous day in a Word file.

After a bit Bob came out and told me that I had missed quite a party after going to my room early last night. I told him I was sure I did as I heard it from my room but was tired. Bob told me a guy had come on a bike that had You are heresomething wrong with it and so was staying with his fellow traveler girlfriend till he got it fixed. I told him at least the guy picked a good place to break down, in the biggest city in Baja. The guy’s girlfriend was supposed to be from somewhere in Eastern Europe and quite an item.

So there was quite an eclectic group for our morning breakfast, with Myself, Bob, 3 German girls, a biker who had a broke down bike and some other guy.

After finishing my cereal and tea and trying some of their coffee which I can’t say I was that fond of I told Bob I would see him later and headed out to check out another hotel for the next 3 days as well as check on whale tours. I had looked at the Pension California on the internet and wanted to check it out to see if I wanted to stay there my next 3 days in La Paz if it was OK.

So I eased over on Madereo street to Degollado street where the Pension California was and checked it out. It wasn’t bad and had internet which I saw people using A statue of someoneand the room I looked at was clean and adequate. Also the rooms were only M$250 (about $20) for one person and M$300 (about $23) for two persons. The rooms I looked at had two full size beds each. The major drawback here was the same as at Yeneka….that of only having hot water “upon request”. And that it had nowhere near the “ambiance” of the Hotel Yeneka.

But of course…having good internet access trumps almost all and so I booked for 3 nights. Plus I found the idea of paying only $20 a night for a room appealing.

The Pension California is also next to the Mexican Market for La Paz which is good if you want to go to a Mexican Market while here. One thing about La Paz is that it isn’t a tourist town but an actual Mexican city that goes about its business and doesn’t concern itself with tourist one way or the other. So you are in the “real Mexico” for sure here.

In any case I wanted to try out both places while I was here so I could get a comparison so I am booked a room at the The MaleconPension California for Friday thru Sunday at which time the plan is to return to Cabo and the Cabo Inn for a couple of more days.

After checking out the Pension California I eased back over to the Cathedral and had a look at it. I noticed that there was a Starbucks next to it so I guess I could go there for internet access in a pinch. After checking out the Cathedral and square I then walked down to the Malecon to check things out and have my daily walk.

While I walked the Malecon I noticed some boards with pictures of whales and so talked to the guys next to them about taking a boat out to see the whales. He said they had one the next morning at 08:30 and at 11:30 and so I said if I showed up for the 11:30 tour I would take that. He of course wanted me to make a reservation but I told him if I showed up I would take the 11:30 tour and if I didn’t I wouldn’t.

After discussing whale tours I found a good spot to sit on a bench and watch the DSC08914boats and the sunset, then I walked around a bit more and there was a Mexican band playing on the grandstand that had been set up for Carnival and so I found a good bench and listened to the band play while people watching. The band was pretty good and I had a good time listening and enjoying the fresh breeze off of the bay. I had taken the precaution of bringing a light jacket today as it was a bit cold in the evenings here.

After enjoying the time at the Malecon I eased back up the hill to the Hotel Yeneka and the two people who the previous day had been drinking the tequila now were drinking tequila and working on a bottle of Vodka as well. They said they wanted to drink a bit before they went out because drinks cost too much in the local bars.

Bob was back as well from his daily explorations and so the four of us had a nice conversation before I retired to my room to pack up what I wouldn’t need the next morning before moving to the Pension California.

Sunset in La Paz


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