Africa is a continent that has the ability to amaze even the most seasoned travellers. You may have been all over the world and seen many of the world’s wonders, but some things can only be seen in Africa.


Here are five things that you will only be able to experience when visiting Africa:


1. The Cradle of Humankind 

The Cradle of Humankind

For over 3 million years, the Cradle of Humankind has been inhabited by humans and our ancestors, giving us an incredible, in-depth look into how we’ve developed as a species. The Cradle of HumankindIt is located 50 kilometres northwest of Johannesburg, South Africa in the Gauteng province. This is an area that’s so special and so unique that the UNESCO has given it World Heritage Site status to help protect it and encourage more tourism to the area. 

This isn’t just another history trip though, from the grassy dome visitor centre you take an underground boat trip that takes you into the caves. There’s exhibitions to gawp at and trails to follow throughout the caves, giving you the complete picture of where humanity has come from. Many of the exhibitions are interactive, and you could easily spend an entire day wandering around the Cradle of Humankind. 


2. Gorilla Trekking 

Gorilla Trekking  Gorilla Trekking

With less than 700 mountain and lowland gorillas in Africa, being able to trek with these magnificent creatures is a privilege and an experience that you’re unlike to ever forget. There’s only two places on earth where you can do this – Uganda and Rwanda, both of which are in Africa.

This isn’t something for everyone however, as there are strict guides about who can visit these areas as even minor human illnesses can kill gorillas. In addition to this, a gorilla trek is no walk in the park. You will need a good degree of fitness in order to get into the back of beyond where the gorillas live. If you are lucky enough to go gorilla trekking then you’re in for one of the best experiences that you’ll ever have. 


3. Visit Victoria Falls 

Victoria Falls, Zambia Victoria Falls, Zambia

Sure, you may be able to go and gaze at waterfalls in a variety of locations around the world, but none of these will be as impressive as Victoria Falls. This one of Africa’s greatest tourist attractions for a reason – it’s 1708 meters wide and 108 meters tall, making it the largest waterfall to be found anywhere on earth.

There’s more to it than just a waterfall though! You have the Devil’s pool, which allows you to bathe right next to the abyss with just a narrow bridge of naturally formed stone preventing the current from sweeping you over. If that isn’t exciting enough for you, then you could bungee jump from the Victoria Falls Bridge or enjoy a huge gorge swing. For something a little less wild, why not visit the waterfalls’ museum and learn about the history of this extraordinary feature.


4. Madagascar 

Madagascar Madagascar

You’ll find animals here that aren’t seen found anywhere else on the planet, combine that with the rich flora and fauna and being able to catch a glimpse of the whales of Sainte Marie and you have a holiday that’s packed full of unique experiences. This magical location is a former French colony and you’ll find their influence across many areas of life here.

What really sets Madagascar apart from everywhere else, is the offshore island of Nosy Be and its close lying neighbours. These relatively untouched islands contain some absolutely stunning beach hideaways with whiter-than-white sands, crystal clear seas and scenery that looks like it has come straight off a postcard.


5. Safari 

Safari holidays Zambia Safari

Africa and safari go hand in hand for a reason – the huge amount of wildlife that live here. Whether you’re exploring the vast plains of the Serengeti or the open spaces of Zambia, a safari on this continent is definitely something that you need to do. There’s lots of different ways that you can do this – there’s the typical jeep safari or you could be adventurous and see the world from a hot air balloon or even from the back of an elephant!

No other safari will ever come close to matching an African Safari. This is something you’ll quickly realise once you’re there, watching one of the Big Five just feet away from you. You really do have to see it to believe how awesome this experience is – photos simply do not do it justice!


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