hello world!

In answer to your questions, YES! I have seen LOADS of “wild animals!” – lions, zebras, giraffes, elephants, ostrich, guinea fowl, warthogs, wildebeasts, oryx, kudu, cheetahs, springbok – the list goes on! I will post pictures when I can! The net is slow here and there is a huge line behind me.

We crossed the border from Namibia into Botswana yesterday – I walked across actually because the truck went ahead with most everyone else as I was still waiting at the counter to claim some sales tax back. Gifts for you? Perhaps. As Klay reminds me – “There’s no price on a mother’s/sistah’s love.” His other one goes – “Well how good of a friend is she?” hahahaha I then kick him because he is supposed to RESTRAIN me from spending money! haha

I camped out in a bushman hut last night – slept for the first time sans socks & sweater! I hope the nights will stay this pleasant from here on up.
The current group of 19 travellers will be whittled down to 4 after we reach Livingstone. The other 15 will be stopping there or going down to Joburg instead. 20 new folk will be joining the 4 veterans & we will continue up through Malawi, Tanzania & Kenya with our truck and mother & daughter crew. Our fellow pals are from all over – a bunch of Aussies & English, 1 Scot, 1 Swiss, 2 Germans, 4 Canucks & 1 American, ranging from 19 to 51… most in the 20’s age gap.

Tommorrow we leave for a bushcamp in the Okavango Delta… then a flight over the delta in a 5 seater plane the next afternoon.

Lastly, I’ve decided to accept Melbourne’s offer for Teacher’s College in February… secondary – biology & chemistry. Laura, here I come! woo hoo!

catch you later! lm

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