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Welcome to the blog of Kevin B. I am super psyched to be leaving for a Rwandan adventure this Saturday! I have been preparing for this trip for some time now, but its only been in the last month that things have really started to come together. Here’s the history:

I was first introduced to the idea of travel to Rwanda in early 2005 by my friend Lua, who lived there for about 10 years with her family, starting in 1994 I believe. She showed me a video about an organization called Orien Aid that takes a group of youth to Rwanda every summer to do various volunteer work and activities. I was interested, but since I had no money, I couldnt go. My brother Daniel went that summer however, which of course made me jealous. I spent the whole summer of 2006 working at the Home Depot (ughh :P) and made enough money to be able to afford the trip. So come December ’06, I applied to travel with Orien Aid, and a few, very stressful months later they get back to me saying that they got my application, and that they are leaving for Kigali (Rwanda’s capital city) in early July. WHAAAAT? JULY???? Needless to say, I did not like the idea of sitting around for two months waiting. Its not enough time to work and make money (no one hires anyone for two months….NO ONE), and its WAY to much time to do nothing. So I talked to Lua, and she put me in contact with her father (who was/still is in Nepal), and I began arranging with him for me to head to Rwanda in late April/early May. Since the Orien Aid groups stay at the Anderson’s house and use the Anderson’s vehicles, I figured why not just go two months before them, stay at the house by myself, and do some work by myself? It would make my summer much more fun and worthwhile. So I frantically began putting together all the aspects of my trip (getting shots, buying stuff, looking for flights, buying stuff, talking to people about international travel, buying stuff, etc) and everything was dandy.

It was then (more specifically, last Friday), that I learned that for reasons not yet fully explained, the Orien Aid Organization will not be travelling to Rwanda this summer. So, instead of two months flying solo, and then joining the Orien Aid group, Im looking at four months solo (except for one friend, also from Calgary, who is a nurse and will be working at the medical clinic that the Andersons have set up in Rwanda, starting in late May). YAY!!!! So now the panic really sets in. But with the support of family, friends, and a bunch of people in Rwanda that I have never met before, I should be able to make it.

In closing, allow me to tell you how I feel right now.


That about sums it up. Now, I must go to bed, so that I can get up early tomorrow and continue to pack!

Silently screaming my head off,

Kevin B

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