Another entry begins as we’re cowering under a table with world war 6 happening outside! Diwali is upon us and what a celebration! Fireworks going off for as far as the smog will let the eye see!! A display like this in the UK would be impossible, not to mention ludicrously expensive!!

To start our day we awoke at around 1am indian time and proceeded to watch almost 8 hours of brain melting indian tv waiting for breakfast time to come, it seamed like forever but for our first meal in india, cornflakes and an omelette/foo yung type thing with bread was quite nice. After that we decided to go for a wander out into the mayhe… sorry ‘street’ to do bloody gruesome battle with the logistics of the tout derby! All was well in the end as we both came back to the hotel sporting new trousers and uncomfortable smiles. All hail chaos!!

J – “Hmm… i’m getting a little peckish now, its been a while since breakfast…”
A – “Lets go find some food somewhere then…”
J – “what you mean… ‘out there’ again?!?!”
A – “yes… yes i do”

After a nice bit of scran at a little veg only place which was quite good and happened to be the only place with any people in so we thought it was a safe bet. Walking back to the hotel we were accosted by some guys touting kashmir tourism at us, we kindly refused and were on our way…

The amount of people trying to get us to buy ‘mountainous flora produce( &#x1F60A )’ is unreal! For a laugh i thought i’d enquire as to the price of such a purchase to which the answer was: “For you sir, 4,000ir for 10g, special price! Top quality!!” At which point i nearly laid an egg!! Needless to say i won’t be getting any of that!!

To finish the day we headed back to the hotel once more and en route a child ran up to us shouting something in hindi which i assume translated to “look out!” as Jill almost lost a foot to a banger in a plastic bottle in the middle of the street in front of us. She just managed to hop about six inches above as it went BOOM and the remnants of the bottle shot inbetween her legs and far far away!

Happy Diwali everyone!!

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