The Big FindHappy New Year’s Eve from Pi Xian! We’re going into the big city to stay the night and have a nice dinner, then do some sightseeing and hanging out in the Starbucks to use the wireless. I’ve been drinking freeze-dried Nestea coffee for the last week and a half. I purchased a “coffee milk tea” thing from the big grocery. It’ was shrink-wrapped so I figured it would be ok. Nope. It’s a cup that contains dry packets to mix together. However, there was some water inside the cup. It smelled horrible. “Coffee Milk Tea” was subsequently thrown in the garbage before consumption.

The past two days I’ve been working with the survey team. A line of five people, each about 20-30 meters apart, walk fields together, digging small holes in any terraces or banks with exposed faces to check for pottery. I haven’t found a damn thing yet. But I also haven’t gotten lost yet, so at least I’m good at walking in a straight line.

The only problem is that the people working in the fields are always really curious as to what we’re doing, but I can’t speak Chinese. I can say hello, then just smile Qing Templeand shake my head. Once they see that we’re not damaging the crops, they’re usually ok with it.

We did encounter a Qing dynasty period Buddhist temple on our survey run two days ago. Some of the wall paintings are still visible.

I will probably update again tomorrow from Chengdu.

Happy New Year!

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