Isla Holbosh10 day trip to Holbox and Isla de Mujeres and surrounding areas. Holbox is a relaxing place, especially on weekdays during the non-peak seasons. Peak seasons are June thru August for whale shark viewing, Easter, and Christmas. Most of the rest of the times, there are modern air-conditioned rooms available for 500 pesos. One can pay more, but there’s no need. I rented a bike for a week and within a few days, had explored even the remote areas of the island. There are mosquitos aka sankudos and no-seeums aka chaquistes, that bite during the early evenings. They can be a real pain in the butt, especially to people are susceptible. Recommend taking a cream rub-on repellent, baby oil, and some say that overdosing on brewer’s yeast tablets make a person taste bad to the mosquitos. One can do everything there is to do on the island, including snorkel, beachcomb, tours, bike, fish, and nude sub-bathe if that’s your thing in less than a week. I highly recommend a vacation during no peak times on this island.

Alternatively or additionally, Isla de Mujeres make a nice day trip from Cancun, or even an overnight trip. North Beach swings and prices fishing boatare inflated on the island. The highlight of the island for me was the first class mountain bike I rented, instead of the more traditional golf cart. With the bike, I was able to explore all parts of the island in one day–including the best part–south point with it’s amazing colony of tame iguanas (relatively). There is also a zipline waterpark and a swim-with-the-dolphin attraction if one wishes to spend a little money.

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