My first entry from India and probably the last one for a long while. The hospital is apparantly in the middle of the jungle in Assam and we have to travel at leat 2 km to reach a computer. It is going to be an experience!

The last week has really been a big mixture of emotions and experiences. Having left the peace and beautiful Zanzibar (truely paradise) in Tanzania to arrive in Dehli really was a HUGE culture shock. It is very busy and fairly dirty. I also felt very much a foreigner alone in the city because I really didn’t know any of the language. Coming from Tanzania where I had picked up a small amount of Swahili. It was easier when I met Becca and Heather who arrived the following day. I didn’t feel so vulnerable.

Unfortunately I have picked up the infamous ‘Dehli Belly’ and I was cursed with it on our trip to Agra to see the Taj Mahal and then on our 17 hour overnight train journey to Kolkata/Calcutta. We are now in Calcutta. We have the day in Calcutta tomorrow and then we are flying to Silchar. We will be picked from there and taken by Jeep to our very very remote hospital. I am looking forward to it and we all have our Salwar Kameez to wear for when we are in the hospital.

Anyway all my love to you all. Am missing you all.

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