A temple…invite you all to the best Birthday party ever…erm in Yilong, in the Sichuan province (home to the recent Earthquake and great spicy food) of China because all things being equal I will be here to celebrate my 26th year of life and no death. It should be a cracker so I’d be most pleased if everyone can make it…I realise it’s a little short notice, but I really didn’t know where I’d be for my Birthday until now.

So for those of you not in the loop I find myself in this remote part of China expected to teach English to 11 to 16 year olds (the town ducks merely had “…quack quack…” to say on the matter by the by). The first week went well enough, finishing the week smothered in chalk dust I saw exactly what it would be like to look out of a giant’s nose, and in fact I’m already enjoying it immensely because I feel challenged by it all. Not just by the work but also by living in a place where little happens or will ever happen.

From what I can gather the town is all geared towards the school, it is Scenic town viewthe top school in the county and so the best and richest students come here; and with 10000 students you can imagine how they make the town’s economy. No one is by any means rich though and so living is super cheap, I struggle to spend more than 2 euros a day. My teacher’s accommodation (no rent) is super sweet too, 6 rooms all to myself although I only use three!! Nice countryside window view too. So if you are not sold on coming out for the party after that neat round up of Yilong then you must be as crazy as the cat that played three-fourths of a Moondog marching band piece on his toaster, or you just don’t like me anymore, if you ever did!?!

To get here is easy enough. Get to Hong Kong (flights for tomorrow, 09/11/08 from London are only £460 return) and then journey by train to Chengdu (via Shenzhen/Guangzhou) which takes about 40 hours (but will cost only £40 return) or get a plane for couple hundred pounds to save the time. From Chengdu get a bus to Yilong, then ring me and I will meet you in town. I will supply Senior 1 classroomsyou with all nourishment whilst you stay with me. So it will cost you only £500 odd, a bargain for a party where everyone who’s anyone will be at…Plans are afoot to make cardboard cut-outs of everyone that can’t make it. I’ll make it a class project you see. Or you can send me your own if you don’t want me to use Chinese slave labour for your lack of thereof. Address is below for you to send to: –

Nicholas G. Boyce
Yilong County – Jincheng Town
Wenhua Road 83
Sichuan Province
P.R. China 637600

Any other random stuff will be appreciated of course. Also on my travels I have a backpack full of postcards that I’ve collected much like a dragon and so anyone that wants a postcard then feel it necessary to supply me with your postal address for one…See you at the party…If not for the Birthday, then for the Christmas party…

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