Hello Everyone,
I just wanted to say a little something today. First, I have a new email address, johnnylamoney@gmail.com. I have to get rid of the WKU email address because it fills up too quickly. Luckily, I don’t have too many people in my address book. This weekend was pretty neat. A Peace Corps Volunteer from Tanzania just finished his service so he has been biking north in hopes of reaching the Mediterranean. He stopped in for a day but enjoyed my hospitality so stayed through the weekend. He has been on his bike for a month now and he is doing pretty good as far as distances. I finally got my computer from my counterpart and as I was checking it out, it turns out that the disc drive doesn’t work. There is no firmware upgrade that has been released from toshiba, so I am just out of luck. I am just excited to have a computer. I can start working on my project. I am pretty excited. Lately, I have gotten into painting. I have to say it was inspired by the paint by numbers. I just have to find some paints here, but all I can find in Hawassa, are watercolors. Yes, I will keep this one short. I enjoyed Ethiopian Easter on Sunday with my family. Everything is so different here. The year is 2001. Easter is one week after everyone else’s. The first day of the year is Sept. 11th. It just emphasizes how far I am away from the states. There are a lot of things I have to get ready for in-service training. I have given myself Social Events Coordinator. I know what you are thinking, “What is that?” Well, my job will be for everyone to have a good IST despite the efforts of our bosses to discourage that. I have a lot of ideas about what I am going to prepare for everyone but I can’t say what because I think the Peace Corps has started monitoring my blog (all of our blogs for that matter). I don’t know why but I have no problem giving them something to read. Alright I will talk to everyone later. Good Day.

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