Trip to BotswanaApril 20th

I arrived safe and sound in Johannesburg airport after a 21 hour flight! The last 2 hours of the flight, I was starting to get a little stir crazy and was wondering when I could actually lay down and get some serious sleep. I stayed the night at Southern Sun Johannesburg, it is a very nice hotel.

April 21st – 22nd

I took a puddle jumper up to Maun to meet up with the rest of the people that would be on this safari. Helga from Luxemburg (age 64 – this was her 9th safari in Africa); Mark and Sue (from Brisbane – Australia) and our 2 guides (Thuto and Christine).

From the airport, we drove about 2 hours to our first destination which is the Kalahari Desert. We stayed at Jack’s Camp for the 2 nights, the accommodations were pretty luxurious for being in the wild. In fact, the toilet was literally a “throne”

Kalahari Desert, is an arid region on the interior plateau of southern Africa, occupying central and southwestern Botswana and parts of west central South Africa and eastern Namibia. The desert covers an area of about 100,000 sq miles. The Puff AdderKalahari is part of a large sand basin stretching into Angola and Zambia in the north, through Botswana into Zimbabwe in the east, south to the Orange River in South Africa, and west to the highlands of Namibia. This basin has a total surface area of about 360,000 sq miles. The name Kalahari is derived from the Tswana word Kgalagadi, meaning “the great thirst.” The saltpans are among the largest in the world, and were part of a super-lake, which was fossilized thousands of years ago.

The animals were incredible. Due to the zebra migration, we saw 350 zebras traveling across the desert, it was awesome! Other animals include: Brown Hyaena, Oryx, Springbok, but the most fascinating creature we saw are Meerkats!

One of our activities is quad biking, and the other was a trek with the Bushman. The walk with the bushmen was interesting, their way of communicating with each other is “clicking” sounds.

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